Automatic Steel Grating Welding Machine / Grating Spot Welding Machine For Gutterway

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Automatic Steel Grating Welding Machine / Grating Spot Welding Machine For Gutterway

Country/Region china
City & Province hengshui hebei
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Product Details

PLC Control Automatic Steel Grating Spot Welding Equipment For Gutterway



 Brief introduction:


Automatic steel plate resistance welding machine is a concentration of electric, hydraulic, resistance welding, machinery, etc., as one of the large welding equipment.With compact structure, welding strong function, high degree of automation, product quality, convenient operation and maintenance, strong productivity, etc.Intermediate frequency welder frequency is 1000 hz, large output current density.The secondary loop output impedance is small, welding current, low dissipation electrodes directly connected to the rectifier circuit, greatly saves the energy required during welding.


1.The machine include below: flat rack, hydraulic mold, servo stepper institutions, medium frequency transformer, host, intermediate frequency welding controller, control system.


2. Bonding host equipment structure, function and characteristics.


01, Twisted steel artificial planted, automatic into the material.


02, Flat steel manual locate


03, Automatic welding.


04, Before and after automatic distance control table.


05, Equipment parameter setting, using intelligent digital display.


06,Equipment, manual and automatic control.Operators can overcome the welding process changes brought about by the adverse factor, the operation is simple and convenient.


07, New design of the structure of a 200 kva transformer can production, to achieve the requirement of the pressure welding.Compared to large welding machine with 800 KVA transformer small investment.


3. The microcomputer controller


Products in Chinese liquid crystal microcomputer controller, the stable welding current, ensure the solder joints of beautiful, strong fastness.


4. In circulating cooling water system


The cooling circulating water with high water or water temperature automatic alarm., keep water temperature is less than 30 degrees, pure quality, so as not to reduce leakage and cooling water plugging.


 Advanced unit


1) Control system : intelligent PLC(Mitsubishi or Panasonic)

2) Touch screen: Weinview (Taiwan)

3) Low-voltage apparatus :Schneider

4) Pneumatic components:Japan SMC, more stable

5) Cross wire feeding step hopper :equipped with feeding car

6) Mesh pulling :servo motor (Mitsubishi or Panasonic)


Technical parameter


ModelMLG-1200HSCapacity30--100 square meters/8hours
Falat bar range2.5*25mm--6*65mmcross bar range5*5--8*8mm
Pitch of flat bar25--60mmPitch of cross bar50--160mm
Width of steel grating1200mmLength of steel grating6m
Welding transformer250KVA*2Power supply160KVA




Steel grating with high strength, light structure characteristics, widely used in petroleum chemical industry, power plant in recent years, water plant, sewage treatment works, municipal engineering, environmental sanitation in the areas of platform, walkway, pier, trench cover, manhole covers, ladders, fences, guardrail, etc.The product adopts the solid mesh pressure welding structure to make it high bearing, light structure and easy to hoist.







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