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Stainless Steel Bimetallic Thermometer , Bimetallic Temperature Sensor

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Stainless Steel Bimetallic Thermometer , Bimetallic Temperature Sensor

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-50℃~500℃ PT100 TS41 Series Bimetallic Thermometer


Bimetallic temperature sensor,also called bimetallic thermometer, is a temperature sensor which is used to indicate temperature on site.It is based on bimetal bended into ring shape. One side of bimetal expands in time of being heated, which results in revolving of indicator, then the meter indicates corresponding temperature value to pyroelectric potential.It is robust, simple and has a wide temperature range of -50℃~500℃ for liquid vapor and gas medium.




* Accuracy ±1.0% full scale
* Ranges From -50 °C up to 600 °C
From -60°F up to 1100 °F
Dual C&F available
* Case & bezel Bayonet bezel, crimped ring
304 stainless steel material
* Dial Sizes 2"(50mm), 21/2"(63mm), 3"(80mm), 4"(100mm), 5"(125mm), 6"(160mm)
* Connection Back, bottom, adjustable angle
1/2" NPT standard
* Stem Diameter 6mm, 6.35mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm & 12mm
Length from 50mm to 1000mm
Material 304SS standard, 316SS & 316LSS available
* Window Glass standard, safety glass available
* Zero Adjustment External screw for back connection & adjustable angle
Slotted zero adjustment for bottom connection
* Max. Operating Pressure 15Mpa (220psi)
* Max. Process Temp. 115% of full scale or 600°C
* Protection IP65





chemical and petrochemical industry, machine and apparatus construction, food and beverage industry, pulp and paper industry.




The technical parameters



Measuring range-60℃~500℃
Accurancy grade1.5 grades
Remote electrical signal bias1) Indexing Number: E(Nickel-chromium-copper-nickel) allowable bias±2.5℃ or 0.74%t
2)Indexing Number: K(Ni-Cr-Si) allowable bias±2.5℃ or 0.75%t
3)Indexing Number:Pt100(PTD)allowable bias
A grade;±(0.15+0.002t)
B grade;±(0.30+0.005t)
D. basic error: Δ=Δ1±0.5%FS (Δ1 is basic error, FS is measure range.)
Supply voltage Normal working environmenttwo-wire(4-20mA)
The minimum supply voltage 12v,The maximum supply voltage 35v,Rated voltage 24v
1)ambient temperature: -25℃~80℃(Dangerous places not more than 70℃)
3)Mechanical Vibration: f55Hz,amplitude0.15mm
4)Without corrosive gas in ambient




Universal angle 100mm bimetallic temperature sensors

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