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Zias(Shanghai) IOT Technology Co.,Ltd.

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Address: NO.129,Lane 150,Pingbei Road,Minhang District ,Shanghai

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Zias(Shanghai) IOT Technology Co.,Ltd.

About Us

Zias (Shanghai) IOT Technology Co.,Ltd (abbreviated as Zias) can provide transducers, transmitters, IOT automation products of several brands like Holeader, EMPS, Wuhao, Graeff, Goettfert to satisfy the requirement of industrial fields and process control. Our R&D products consist of dozens of series including pressure transducer, pressure transmitter, pressure transducer for automobile use, temperature sensor, high-temperature melt pressure transducer&transmitters, melt pressure gauge, rupture disk, pressure calibration instrument, temperature controller, intelligent digital pressure indicator and IOT complete automation control system. We have been committed to innovation, sticking to the idea of high quality and integrity, making efforts to be a world-famous leader and manufacturing group enterprise in the field of sensor, IOT and automation control system.

The headquarters of Zias is located in Xinzhuang (Shanghai) industrial district. Our team members have more than forty years of rich experience and professional knowledge. We have established customer-demand-oriented organizational structure and have been carrying our constant technological innovation, and we have obtained many national patents, all of which make Ziasiot play a leading role in the fields of sensors, IOT, automation control system, etc. In order to emphasize our promise on quality and credit, all the R&D and production process of brands under Ziasiot are certified with certifications of ISO, CE, CMC, EX.

Service Field

Zias has been dedicated to continuous development of productivity and manufacturing industry. The temperature and pressure control capability in industrial field is vital to improve productivity and manufature superior products. Our design concept must keep its foreseeability, continuity and repeatability. In the rapidly changing industrial field, Zias dedicates itself to the development of industrial automation and production through continuous improvement in design and control equipment of production process.

Clients resources

Our clients include companies from Fortune 500, government agencies and its comprehensive departments, distributors. Our products can be used in various fields requiring industrial process control like plastic machinery, chemicalfibremachinery,water treatment engineering, powerstation, aerospace, aircompressor, airconditioner, automobile, plastics, packaging, medicaltreatment, electronics, chemicalindustry, rubber, textile, food packaging,etc. All our clients have a common requirement, which isgetting reliable products from reliable company. Our products have been successfully used in multiindustrial fileds of over 20 countries like Italy, the U.S., Canada, Germany, U.K., Austria, Malaysia, Australia, Austria, India,Pakistan, Singapore, Japan,which exactly proves our reliable products and superior services.


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Company Name: Zias(Shanghai) IOT Technology Co.,Ltd.
City: shanghai
Province: shanghai
Country: china
Address: NO.129,Lane 150,Pingbei Road,Minhang District ,Shanghai