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Sinobee Melland Ecogreen Technology Co.,Ltd

Sinobee Melland Ecogreen Technology Co.,Ltd

About Us

Welcome to Melland EcoGreen Co.
Melland EcoGreen is dedicated in green biological products derived from bee products,natural extracts and health products.
Keep your life and health environment safe, while improving the quality of life for customers through our products and service.
"Mel"= "Miel"="Honey", from Old French Miel, Latin Mel, Proto-Indo-European *mlid, Catalan Mel, Italian Miele, Portuguese Mel, Romanian Miere, Spanish Miel.
Melland is synonymous with Natural Quality bee products.
Melland begun with the brothers Mr.Chun Hua Li & Mr.Runhua Li in 1960s and registered in 1990.Now, a second generation of Li is taking over the family business.
Our mission-
 Bring secured quality and health into people's life
Our goal-
" We are not Hero, we will make everyone of our customers be Hero"
At Melland,we pride ourselves in natural bee products and quality natural products derived from bee products.
We have specifically selected each ingredient that goes into our products to be free from any man-made chemicals and safe for the whole family. Experience the benefits of produts in our pharm, food, cosmetics, lip balms, lotions, soaps, beekeeping combs, and candles.
The main products include:
# Organic Certified Beeswax
# Organic Certified Honey/Bee pollen/Propolis/Royal Jelly
# Beeswax blend
# Natural Extracts series
# Green Surfactants series
As a business, our core mission is to "built around consistency and quality, from producing the finest and freshest product, to supplying all year round through an operating model based on sustainability and responsibility for our environment"  in an environmentally safe manner.

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Company info

Company Name: Sinobee Melland Ecogreen Technology Co.,Ltd
Country: China
Website: http://www.mellandecogreen.com/