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Macaroni Pasta Machine/Macaroni Making Machine/Macaroni Pasta Making Machine

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Macaroni Pasta Machine/Macaroni Making Machine/Macaroni Pasta Making Machine

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♦ The whole production line


small type pasta/macaroni making machine is produced by single-screw extruder through extruding cooking; the pellet can be different shapes like shell, spiral, square tube, circle tube, and so on.

small type pasta/macaroni making machine




voltage380V 50Hz three phase
weightaccording to differentmodels
manpower demand2 to 3 people


1.Mixer of small type pasta/macaroni making machine

function: Mix machine is used to mix raw materials, auxiliary materials and water or other materials of

the machine, the speed is moderate, mixed evenly


features:1.The contact part of the product material is made of stainless steel materia2. Discharge holes

are open new processing design, good sealing, avoid leakage of material.

technical parameters






2.Screw hoister of small type pasta/macaroni making machine


function: Using the mix mix machine screw mechanism of raw materials to the host in the feeder.

technical parameters







3.single screw extruder of small type pasta/macaroni making machine


features:1.Use of advanced frequency control skills, work stable and less power consumption.

2.Screw by alloy steel, has a longer service life.

3.Automatic heating control system, easy to work and more accurate parameters.

4.Device configuration water cycle temperature control system.

5.Feeding motor, host equipment, rotary cutting machine adopts frequency control of motor speed.

6.Configure a small single rod extrusion machine, the realization of secondary cure, product curing effect is good.

technical parameters


modelsizevoltageinstalled poweractual power


4. Pulling & cutting of small type pasta/macaroni making machine


features:1.Cutting knife is used to cut rectangular pipe, pipe.

2.Traction cutting machine has two parts: to cut off the system and transmission system.

3.Equipment operation is simple, the use of frequency control.

4.Commonly used in long, long tube shape small food, such as salad, French fries, pipe, circle half swelling or not puffed food.


technical parameters:


5.Hoister of small type pasta/macaroni making machine



1.Hoist communicate food from low to high, according to the process; Decided to lift height and horizontal distance.

2.Hoist can be divided into large and small according to the height of the hoist and horizontal distance.

3.Hoisting machine is commonly used in : the semi-finished product from the host ascending to the next working procedure of lifting device.

4.Conveyor belt can be divided into rubber belt and stainless steel.

technical parameters:


6.Hot Air Dryer of small type pasta/macaroni making machine



It can be used to bake dry food. The oven can bake a variety of inflating food, pet food, use/TSP food, peanut, nuts, chew nut and so on.


1.The oven has compact structure, small occupies area, large dry, small area, slight heat radiation, high thermal efficiency.

2.Belt and use stainless steel heat preservation, suitable for food industry.

3.Can control the running speed of the oven belt network(frequency).

4.Temperature can control the arbitrary and design according to the need.

5.Heating pipe heating way, raise and lower the temperature quickly, thermal intertia small, high thermal efficiency.

6.Speed of net belt with accurate temperature control device.

7.Double roller chain and chain drive make stable and smooth running.

8.At the bottom of the sliding plate dryer is easy to clean.

9.Fit for their extrusion snacks, nutritional powder, bread crumbs, pet food, nutrition, rice, dried fruit, soybean protein, etc.

technical parameters:



7.Cooling conveyor of small type pasta/macaroni making machine



Used for carrying food to the next device

technical parameters:


8.Sample Showcase of Pasta macaroni making machine processing line

small type pasta/macaroni making machine

9.Technical Advantages of small type pasta/macaroni making machine:

Compact structure novel design and stable performance,developed on the base of like produces and requirements in the world market.It realizes high automation,convenient operation,low energy and small floor space,that assures all working procedures from feeding flour to finished once.The investment for this line is only one tenth of that larger size equipment ,especially suitable to small-size or self-owned enterprise.

About installation and after-sale service system:




1. Provide you the professional advice about the market, equipment, process, material, packing, etc.



2. Assist you to choose equipment, design process flow, and perfect workshop layout. If needed, we can supply service in your factory.


3. Make compensate plan to the material change according to your product, and perform the production at site.


4. Specially design and manufacture machine, practice test, and provide relevant training as customer required.


5. Provide reasonable packing and transportation plan, send technician to install and debug machine and train your workers.


6. One year guaranty time, preferentially supply spare parts.


7. Design and process similar type of spare parts of import equipment.




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