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Synthetic 98% Geraniol with HACCP certifacation for skin care CAS 106-24-1

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Synthetic 98% Geraniol with HACCP certifacation for skin care CAS 106-24-1

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Synthetic 98% Geraniol with HACCP certifacation for skin care CAS 106-24-1





Geraniol is a monoterpenoid and an alcohol. It is the primary part of rose oil, palmarosa oil, and citronella oil (Java type). It also occurs in small quantities in geranium, lemon, and many other essential oils. It appears as a clear to pale-yellow oil that is insoluble in water, but soluble in most common organic solvents. It has a rose-like scent and is commonly used in perfumes. It is used in flavors such as peach, raspberry, grapefruit, red apple, plum, lime, orange, lemon, watermelon, pineapple, and blueberry.





Research has shown geraniol to be an effective plant - based mosquito repellent. On the other hand, it can attract bees as it is produced by the scent glands of honey bees to help them mark nectar - bearing flowers and locate the entrances to their hives.

Geraniol is found naturally in well - aged tobacco, and is among cigarette additives used to improve their flavor.




The functional group based on geraniol ( in essence, geraniol lacking the terminal - OH ) is called geranyl. It is important in biosynthesis of other terpenes. It is a by-product of the metabolism of sorbate and, thus, is a very unpleasant contaminant of wine if bacteria are allowed to grow in it.


Pharmacological action :

1. Antibacterial : with antibacterial and fungal effects, the minimum inhibitory concentration of the microspores of tinea tinea and oduane is 0.39mg/ml.
2. Insect repellent: it has the effect of displacement of guinea pig ascariasis.
3. Other : small dose can inhibit the spontaneous activity of rats. Oral administration of rats can suppress gastrointestinal motility ( the speed of chyme is slowed down ), which has little effect on the bowel movement. The near lethal dose has a laxative effect.Small doses orally, have mild diuretic effect on rats.
Toxicity : has certain toxicity. The rats were given an oral LD50 of 4.8g/KG, and the rabbit iv injection was 50mg/KG. Clinical treatment of chronic bronchitis is better.




Product NameGeraniolCAS Number106-24-1
Molecular Weight154.25Molecular FormulaC10H18O
Batch NumberP20171108Test StandardEnterprise Standard
Specification170kg/drumPacking MaterialGalvanized Iron Drum
Mfg.date2017-11-8Exp. date2019-11-7
CharactersColorless to light yellow liquid
Relative density0.870-0.893
Refractive index1.469-1.478
Storage: Store in tight, light-resistant containers, avoid exposure to direct sunlight, moisture and excessive heat.

Shelf Life: 24 months if store under the conditions above and stay in original packaging.

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