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Seasoning amino acids BCAA CAS 69430-36-0 Chocolate flavor vanilla flavor strawberry flavor

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Seasoning amino acids BCAA CAS 69430-36-0 Chocolate flavor vanilla flavor strawberry flavor

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Product Details

Seasoning amino acids BCAA CAS 69430-36-0 Chocolate flavor vanilla flavor strawberry flavor
These branched chain essential amino acids ( BCAA ) are known as the stress amino acids. Thirty percent of the diet should be proteins when the body is under severe stress,because stress causes protein to break down faster. BCAAs have regulatory effects on overall protein metabolism and are required in larger amounts during stress than are other amino acids ( and probably proportionately more leucine than either valine or isoleucine ). Furthermore, when given as supplements, BCAAs decrease the rate of breakdown and utilisation of other amino acids and stimulate protein synthesis. Therefore these BCAAs are useful in conditions of stress caused by trauma, surgery, liver failure, infection, fever, starvation, muscle training and weight lifting. BCAAs are unique in that skeletal muscles can use them directly as an energy source.
Instantized BCAA Powder is an instantized blend of three branch chain Amino acid in a ratio of 2:1:1.Lecithin is added as surfactant. It can be dissolved in water very fast, suitable for sport drink, solid instant formula.

1. BCAA supports extreme muscle growth.
2. BCAA builds strength and tremendous power.
3. BCAA timed release to support anti-catabolic effects.
4. BCAA support increased strength and mass.
5. Leucine critical for mTOR signal for protein synthesis.
6. BCAA and leucine may support improved recovery and reduced soreness.
7. BCAA promote increased endurance exercise capacity.
8. BCAA supplementation provides support against catabolism .
Packaging: 25KG/Drum, packed with double layer polyethylene bag as liner.
Storage and Handling: Store in a cool, dry area and not in direct sunlight. The preferred storage temperature should not exceed 25℃.
Shelf Life: It is recommended to use the entire contents after opening. The product will be stable for at least two years after manufacture in the original unopened package.
Seasoning amino acids

Product name
Branched chain amino acid BCAA Chocolate flavor
Branched chain amino acid BCAA vanilla flavor
Branched chain amino acid BCAA milk flavor
Branched chain amino acid BCAA strawberry flavor
Branched chain amino acid BCAA Watermelon flavor
Branched chain amino acid BCAA Sweet orange flavor
Branched chain amino acid BCAA Lemon flavor
Other seasoning amino acids

Amino Acid Powder product list

Product nameCAS # Product nameCAS #
L-Isoleucine73-32-5L-Lysine Hydrochloride657-27-2
L-Leucine61-90-5L-Asparagine H2O5794-13-8
L-Phenylalanine63-91-2INSTANTIZED BCAA/
L-Tryptophan73-22-3L-Arginine hydrochloride1119-34-2
L-Lysine Acetate57282-49-2L-Asparagine70-47-3
L-Glutamic Acid56-86-0BETA-Alanine107-95-9
L-Tyrosine60-18-4L-histidine dihydrochloride1007-42-7
L-Arginine Hcl1119-34-2L(+)-Lysine monohydrochloride657-27-2
L-Serine56-45-1D(-)-Aspartic acid1783-96-6
L-Cysteine hydrochloride7048/4/6L-Methionine63-68-3
L-Histidine71-00-1L-arginine L-aspartate7675-83-4
L-Histidine Hcl5934-29-2N-acetyl-L-Tyrosine537-55-3
L-Aspartic Acid56-84-8N-Acetyl-L-cysteine616-91-1

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