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1500mW low level laser therapy machine to treat wind-damp, stop pain 1 year warranty

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1500mW low level laser therapy machine to treat wind-damp, stop pain 1 year warranty

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1500mW low level laser therapy machine to treat wind-damp, stop pain 1 year warranty


Treatment effect:                                     

(1) Strong analgesic effect                                       

Block stellate ganglions, promote the release of analgesic substance within the tissue, reduce the excitability in peripheral nerves, ease local muscle tension, improve local blood circulation and tissue metabolism, and reduce pain-causing substance concentration thus relieving pain.                                   

(2) Wound healing                                    

Promote angiogenesis and vessel growth, increase intracellular RNA and glycogen contents, facilitate fibroblast & granulation tissue proliferation, help new epithelial tissue regeneration, benefit tissue repair, and accelerate wound healing and bone tissue regeneration.                                         

(3) Anti-inflammation & anti-infection                                         

Reduce the permeability of blood vessel walls, exudative inflammation, congestion & edema; activate the function of macrophages, improve systemic and local immunities in humans, so being anti-infective       and anti-inflammatory.                                     

(4) Regulation and balance                                      

Regulate the endocrine system and microcirculation, stimulate the activity of a variety of enzymes, achieve balanced internal environment for the body, and enhance immunity. Therefore, it can improve the general body conditions,cure neurasthenia, and restore physical function.                                     



It is suitable for dermatology, pain, rehabilitation therapy, burning, endocrinology, stomatology and so on.                                     



(1) Dermatology: skin ulcers and wound infections, and herpes zoster, neuralgia, eczema, herpes simplex,     contact dermatitis, nerve inflammation, deposition dermatitis, boils, carbuncle, erysipelas, alopecia areata, pressure sores, psoriasis, burns, scalds, etc.                                     

Pain and physiotherapic rehabilitation:                                    

(2All kinds of pains in neck, back, waist, leg, lumbar disc disease, joint pain, acute and chronic soft tissue injury, acute and chronic lumbar sprain, lumbar disorders, neuralgia (nerve headache, sciatica & trigeminal neuralgia, etc.), facial paralysis, frozen shoulder, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, tendonitis, ligament inflammation and so on.                                         

Other diseases: surgical incision, wound, fracture pain, acute ligament sprain, endocrine disorders and so forth.                                      

attachment point illuminate stellate ganglion illuminate                                        

Illuminate way:

Ulcer surface, wound direct illuminate MTRP pain area illuminate meridians illuminate muscle "                                     





Do not put laser beam shooting forbidden according to pregnant women lumbar abdomen eyes a light" allergy and hemorrhagic disease patients disable neonatal, infant banned tuberculosis disable late-stage cancer with caution                                        


2). Adaptive symptoms                                    

Conditions suited for Red & Infrared LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) Treatment:                                    

Joint diseases:






Muscle and ligament strains


Other ailments:

Achilles tendon


Humeral & Talocrural articulation

Tennis elbow

Calcaneal spur (heel)

Radio carpal articulation"     


Skin & wound care:

Acne treatment

Bed sores




Diabetic Ulcers





Open Wounds

Post-operative Wounds / Stitches


Skin Ulcers"  


Spinal treatments:



Intervertebral disk hernia

Post-traumatic pain

Carriage disorders




Anti-Aging & Beauty:


Scalp Hair Growth

Scaly Skin; Psoriasis; Seborrhea


Varicose Veins"       



Output handle: 1 handle

Working mode: COUNT, Pulse(adjustable)         

Time control:0-99 min.               

Max total laser power: 1500mW  

Each diode laser Max power: 500mw

Diode number: three

Penetrability: 10-20mmwide lighting area: 60mm            

Voltage: 100V~240V           

Wave length: 808nm                   

Illuminant : 3 808nm diode                              

Size: 250×280×100mm, 4kgs             

Packing case: Suitcase/ aluminium alloy cabinet (free)             

Warranty: 1 year

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