Digital Thermostat For Central Heating With Automatic Temperature Control Device

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Digital Thermostat For Central Heating With Automatic Temperature Control Device

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Product Details

Electric Keritherapy Instrument




Product Introduction

 Computer thermostat wax instrument is used for internal heating of the melt treatment instrument medical paraffin production company. The machine is equipped with an automatic temperature control device. The wax is kept at 58 -60 C, because the paraffin wax is low in the solid to liquid melting point. After heating, the wax is soft, attached and shaping well. The wax film (cake) is directly exposed to the conduction surface of the skin during the treatment. The wax is fully played its thermal insulation characteristics, and the local tissue blood circulation speeds up the cell permeability and improves the skin nutrition.

This machine combines traditional wax therapy with modern technology to effectively treat all kinds of soft tissue injuries, rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis, such as contusion and contusion, lumbar muscle strain and so on. It is also suitable for surgical healing, scar adhesion after trauma, swelling after fracture and recovery of dysfunction.

The machine is car like, beautiful in appearance, easy to operate, simple to operate, sensitive and accurate in temperature control, fast in heating speed, low in power consumption, good in insulation, safe and durable. Therefore, this machine is widely used in rehabilitation physical therapy department, Department of orthopedics and beauty salon of the hospital.



It can promote the dissipation of blood circulation and inflammation, relieve muscle spasm, reduce the tension of fibrous tissue and enhance its elasticity.

Traumatic joint disease, muscle, tendon, ligament and other soft tissue injuries, postoperative adhesion, paralysis and so on.

Fresh wounds, chronic ulcers, frostbite and burn sequelae.

Tenosynovitis, periarthritis of shoulder, tennis elbow, myositis, chronic rheumatoid arthritis.

Neuritis, neuralgia, peripheral nerve injury and so on.

Chronic gastroenteritis, ulceration, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, cholecystitis, hepatitis and so on.

Skin beauty.



Advanced keritherapy instrument, consists of two parts: the wax box and wax cake box making wax box type device for container. There are valves and agitators inside. The wax melting device has changed many shortcomings of the existing keritherapy instrument market. First, the wax is convenient. The wax is opened by the valve and the wax is automatically inflow through the wax pipe and filter. It does not need to be scooped out of the wax tank with a spoon, so that the purpose of convenient operation and time saving is realized; and then the wax temperature can be controlled at any time. Wax bath convenient operation physicians, is provided with a stirring function: Chinese medicine keritherapy, the traditional Chinese medicine and wax fusion is more uniform.

The wax cake making box is a constant temperature control device. Can be treated with wax cake at any time. In the traditional wax therapy apparatus, the therapist is doing the treatment of wax cake. Because there is no box device, it is often unable to solve the problem of overcooling and overheating of the wax cake, or the need to wait for a long time to cool the wax or not control the treatment of the paraffin cake, and lose the effect of treatment.


Technical advantage
Wax electric separation (anti power wall technology).

Small size. Easy to move,

The energy consumption is small. The heating is fast, and the wax removal effect can be completely achieved in twenty minutes.

Unique water free wax technology. Isolation heating wax is safer to use.

Enhanced mode can set a week's parameters, automatic operation and no switch machine every day, setting parameters can be kept for a long time.

Before working, the function of pre boot and automatic shutdown can set a week's working parameters.

Setting parameters, long-term preservation, with protection device against leakage.

Wax electric separation (anti power wall technology);

The unique technology of water free wax is safe to isolate heated wax.

With a filter device, it can filter the melted wax after reaching the temperature.

The wax pad machine is too LCD, and the key parts are imported parts to ensure the performance and stability of the machine.

The wax slot is digitally displayed. The function of calendar is set, and the setting parameters can be stored for a long time.

Wax slot automatic constant temperature automatic switch machine can set its time and temperature automatically. It doesn't need to manually start every field, it can heat up ahead of time.

The wax pad machine has a higher and lower lifting range to facilitate taking the wax pad.

- wax pad adjustable pressure machine, automatic pad pad Shu Rongdu ensure wax,

The technology of waterproof wall wax, faster heating, better thermal insulation and safer.

Expand wax bath function, wax slot can be controlled independently, automatic switch machine, automatic constant temperature, no water wax, etc., for more people to use at the same time.

It has a display key. It is easy to check the working parameters of a week. It has emergency heating and stop key, which can cope with unconventional time treatment.

Digital controller can monitor and maintain the best use temperature of wax and wax cakes at any time.

The agitator in the wax melting box makes the fusion of Chinese medicine and molten paraffin more uniform, which ensures the high quality of Chinese herbal cake.


Technical parameter

Power: AC220 + 10%

Power: 2000W

Set the temperature range: 0 - 99 centigrade

Temperature sensitivity: 1 degrees centigrade

Temperature error: + 2 C

Wax groove size: diameter 375mm deep 175mm

Shape size: 650 x 500 x 420mm

Input power: host: 35. 0vA

Extension 1: 3000vA

Extension 2: 3000vA

Host wax tank capacity: 120 kilograms

(1) the capacity of the parting wax trough: 140 kilograms

2. The capacity of the parting wax trough: 140 kilograms

Insulation performance: normal work after the shutdown. 12 hours re heated to 60 DEG C time less than 2 hours

1 30kg (2 hours) the wax wax is less than or equal to the first)

Wax groove size: 600 x 360 x 330mm

Shape size: 870 x 480 x 700mm

70Kg (2) wax wax first time less than 3 hours)

Wax groove size: 680 x 510 x 480mm

Shape size: 980 x 650 x 830mm

3). Power: AC220v + 10%

Power: 2000W

Setting temperature range: 0 - 99 degrees centigrade

Temperature sensitivity: 1 degrees centigrade

Temperature error: + 2 C

Wax groove size: 580 x 300 x 300mm

The outline size is 1020 x 420 x 560mm 1100 * 475 * 880m.


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