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Vertical Vacuum Drying Cabinet Machine To Sterilize Medical Instruments

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Vertical Vacuum Drying Cabinet Machine To Sterilize Medical Instruments

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Product Details

Vertical Vacuum Drying Cabinet Machine To Sterilize Medical Instruments


Vacuum Drying Cabinet working principle


The medical low-temperature discount drying cabinet is a principle developed by our company using a new decompression boiling vaporization drying technology. The boiling point of water is reduced under negative pressure conditions, and the water is boiled and vaporized, so that the moisture attached to the inner and outer surfaces of the article can be quickly The vaporization is separated from it, and the vacuum pump quickly extracts the vaporized vapor to make the device dry quickly and thoroughly. It is a new choice for low-temperature drying equipment such as various supply rooms, operating rooms and endoscope centers.


Scope of application


Applicable to all kinds of endoscopes, biopsy forceps, precision instruments, slender lumen equipment, complex structural equipment, non-high temperature resistant equipment, lumen equipment and conventional equipment for the operating room, supply room and endoscope center of medical institutions. deal with.


Main performance and characteristics


One-click start is quick and easy.

Intelligent automatic program control: PLC programmable control, color LCD color touch screen man-machine dialogue, 24 groups of programmable, preset 6 groups of programs can be arbitrarily selected.

Full process record

The printer prints the drying process data in a timely manner, making it easy for users to archive and trace. (optional)

Process traceability system (optional)

Operator information can be collected, and the dry process data is connected to the user computing system through the network to realize synchronous management and monitoring.

Fault self-test diagnostic function

The system equipment safety self-test fault diagnosis function ensures the safe operation of the equipment.


Door opening method: single door, double door and four door


Vacuum Drying Cabinet Parameters


Dry Time8-60 min8-60 min
Vacuum Power0.78 kw1.5 kw
Heat Power2 kw2.5 kw
Heat Power0-80 w0-80 w
Power220 V /50 HZ220 V /50 HZ
Volume50 L100 L


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