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Wall-Mounted Ultra-Thin LED Light X Ray Film Viewer Brightness Adjustable

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Wall-Mounted Ultra-Thin LED Light X Ray Film Viewer Brightness Adjustable

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Wall-Mounted Ultra-Thin LED Light X Ray Film Viewer Brightness Adjustable


Quick Detail:


  1. with the function of automatic switching-on upon film-inserting
  2. with the function of delayed switching-off  after a film is removed
  3. install method: wall-mounted type and bracket type(the bracket is an optional component)





  1. The large scope of brightness adjustment (300~5000cd/m²) fully meets the requirements of viewing and diagnosis of films of various densities such as analog, digital and mammography films.
  2. The service life of the LED light source is as long as 100,000 hours.
  3. Imported acrylic transparent panel is adopted, with high fineness and more uniform and soft light. The service life is long, and it is deformation-resistant and discoloration-resistant.  
  4. With an advanced LED backlight source technology; there is no dark zone in the film-viewing area. The brightness uniformity of viewing screen exceeds 90%.
  5. The 90V~240V global voltage self-adaptation built-in power supply is with advanced technologies and saves space.





Internationally technically advanced ultra-bright LED is adopted in this product as the backlight source, suitable for the viewing and diagnosis of high-density mathematical films and mammography films. 

It is designed to have an ultra-thin and vivid three-dimensional layered panel frame. Moonlight silver and dark greys are selected as the color combination for the panel frame. With such new-type materials as high-strength electrophoresis aluminum alloys and plastic alloys, the entire illuminator is only 4cm thick.

It is with the function of automatic switching-on upon film-inserting. The film-viewing area will illuminate once the film is inserted, and the delayed switching-off function after a film is removed is set up, which may effectively increase the service life of the product. 





External dimensions(mm):    1550*545*40

Film-viewing area(mm):        1440*440

Backlight source type: LED                          Color temperature: 9,300K

Service life:                        100,000 hours

Average brightness:           300 cd/m2-4000 cd/m2

Average illuminance:          900 lux-13,000 lux

Brightness uniformity coefficient of viewing screen:   ≥90%

Appropriate films:         ordinary analog x-ray film

                                     high-density digital x-ray film

                                     mammography medical film

Power supply:   voltage self-adaption built-in power supply

Voltage:            AC90V-240V           Power:  200W±15%         Frequency: 50/60HZ

Operating conditions:

the ambient illuminance in the room shall not exceed 100 lux



Competitive Advantage:


  1. We produce most product parts ourselves to control quality at every procedure
  2. Advanced product part molding machines, advanced welding technology and advanced anti-rust treatment techniques.
  3. Perfect treatment on product details
  4. Suitable package to ensure goods safety and save container space
  5. Fast and on-time delivery
  6. High-efficient After-sales service
  7. Powerful OEM capacity
  8. More than 10 years’ manufacturing experience





Q: 1. what is the lead time?


        A: Normally 15 days


Q: 2. Can you put our logo on product?


        A: Yes, please provide the finished design of your logo; we will make it into stickers.


Q: 3. how is your warranty?


        A: 1 year.


Q: 4. Do you accept OEM service


      A: Yes, OEM service available, please provide your drawing and detailed specification.


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