Seamless PU Seat Backrest Headrest Ergonomic Dental Chair Silent Motor NV-D328

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Seamless PU Seat Backrest Headrest Ergonomic Dental Chair Silent Motor NV-D328

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Product Details

Good quality Dental Unit  With Seamless PU seat with backrest and headrest , Silent motor ( NV-D328)
1. AUTOMATIC CUP FILLER               1PC                                                                            
2. HIGH SPEED AIR TUBINE HOSE     2PCS                                                                  
3. LOW SPEED AIR TUBINE HOSE      1PC                                                                 
4. THREE WAY SYRING, FOR COLD AND HOT      1 PIECE                                                    
5. POWERFUL SUCTION AND SALIVA EJECTOR   1 SET EACH                                            
6. SQUARE OPERATION LIGHT                                 1 SET                             
7. DC X-FILM VIEWER                                                1 SET                                                 
8. CUP HOLDER FOR PAPER CUP  AND TRAY                                           
9. COMBINE PEDAL SWITCH                                                                                                
11. ASSITANT CONTORL PANEL             1 SET                                                

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1. The ceramic cuspidor bowl could be replaced by a glass one.

2. Our product is equipped with a rotatable ceramic cuspidor bowl.

3. The assistant control panel is able to carry out most operations of main control panel.
4. The unit body adopts unique streamlined structure, and it is manufactured from special materials. This part is easy to clean, and it won’t look like an old one even if it actually is.

5. The dental chair package comes with a dentist stool whose height is adjustable. 
Dental treatment chair  Standard Configuration
1. Chair
a. Seamless PU seat with backrest and headrest: 1 set
b. Silent motor: 2 pieces
c. Two recorded seat positions by programming
d. Fast recovery system for backrest
e. Foot pedal that realizes rinsing (for mouth) and flushing (for cuspidor) functions
f. Patient chair with single armrest
g. Dentist stool: 1 set

2. Unit Body and Instrument Tray
a. Handpiece tubing: 3 pieces
b. Pressure gauge
c. 3-way syringe: 2 pieces (cold & warm)
d. External 24V X-ray viewer: 1 set
e. Paper cup holder and trinket tray
f. Saliva ejector (water) and high volume evacuator (air)
g. Seamless rotatable ceramic cuspidor bowl or rotatable frosted glass cuspidor bowl
h. Cold light lamp: 3 luminance levels
i. Anti-retraction system
j. Assistant control panel

Dental treatment chair Optional Device
1. Top-mounted instrument tray
2. Control system for cart
3. Natural leather patient chair with backrest and headrest
4. Scaler
5. Curing light
6. Intra-oral camera system
7. Monitor bracket
8. Built-in junction box
9. Patient chair with double armrests
10. High-speed air turbine handpiece
11. Low-speed air motor handpiece
12. Our dental chair package could be of silver blue color if requested.

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