17 Inch LCD Screen Intra Ora Camera Camera Long Life PAL Or NTSC IC-88

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17 Inch LCD Screen Intra Ora Camera Camera Long Life PAL Or NTSC IC-88

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Product Details

Intra ora camera with17 inch LCD Screen , Camera Built-in 6pcs high brightness long-life white LED, PAL or NTSC (IC-88)​ 


Intra oral camera’s features

1. 1/4 SONY CCD high resolution intra oral camera

2. With high resolution, high performance and auto focus.

3. Built-in 6pcs high brightness long-life white LED

4. The Front Five control buttons: freeze, save, previous image, next image, delete, and the reverse side control buttons: freeze and save

5. Innovative Design , it can be displayed one images and four small images ,two kinds of capture angles, display the clear images

6. Optional 2.5inch LCD screen let dentists take pictures more convenient

7. The machine comes with 4G USB flash, images can be permanently save in the USB flash.

8. Suitable for NTSC /PAL



Satefy intruduction

◆Don’t put the LED on the place is not stable and easy to fall off.

◆Don’t put the battery on the environment with extremes of temperature and humidity.

◆To avoid the LED direct exposure to sunlight and other heat sources

◆Don't put the LED in any liquid

◆Shall not put anything into the LED, also do not put the containers with water on the LED

◆The weather in the rain(Especially there is lightning),Please Pull the plug and the antenna plug

◆Don't step on the power cord and make the power cord wrapped together

◆Don't make the wall of the external connection socket overload, lest cause fire or electric shock

◆Use dry and soft cloth to wipe the LED(Excluding volatile substances)

◆If the LED is broken, don't repair by yourself, please contact professional maintenance personnel

◆Please take out the battery if long time don't use the remote control and stored in a dry place

◆When installing the LED for exhibition , please don’t directly put the superheat section on the floor or foot cloth ,to avoid danger happening

◆Please under the guidance of professional personage to install the LED, such as the wall or hanging on the ceiling.

◆Equipment should not be subjected to water or water splash and place objects filled with liquids such as the vase

◆If the equipment does not use for a long time, please pull the plug



Basic operation

Connected /Turn the power off

1,Insert the machine's power plug or power adapter into the 220v power socket

2,If the screen not bright, please press the power button of LED or the remote control

3,If you want to temporarily stop, please press the power button of LED or the remote controls


Memory before shutdown
The LED is turned on before the image and sound settings and preset channel during the shutdown will be remembered, re-boot will be set before the shutdown state.

The notice of use signal source
1.If use the computer signal source, please setting the resolution of the computer graphics in several models as (1920×1080/60Hz,1366×768/60Hz, 1280×1024/60Hz, 1024×768/60Hz, 800×600/60Hz)



1) LED

before in contact with the company after-sales service department , please prepare the following simple check, if you still cannot solve the problem according to the following format, please take note of the TV model and serial number, and contact the local agent.


No sound and image

☆Check whether the power cord in the socket on the wall, and wether have electricity socket on the wall.

☆Check whether you press the power on key in front of the panel.

☆Check the picture brightness and contrast Settings.

☆Check the volume.


Normal picture but no sound

☆Check the volume.

☆Check whether to press the mute button of the remote control.

☆Sound system.


No goods images black and white picture

☆Adjust the color Settings.

☆Check the color system.


Sound and image received interference

☆Try to find the TV images of electric equipment, and far away from it.

☆Try to turn the TV power plug into a socket.


Grainy image distortion

☆  Check your antenna direction, location and connection.


The remote control function failure

☆Replace the remote control battery.

☆Clean up the upper edge of the remote control (launch window).

☆Check the battery contacts.

2) Intraoral camera


If there is any problem of this product Please follow the following projects were ruled out if still unresolved, please contact your dealer or the manufacturer



        Problem of cameta



Open switch (ON / OFF) host did not respond

1.Check the power outlet is it plugged in ?

2.Check the cable is it connected    ?                                 


Computer or TV can not freeze

1. Check the host connection and a PC or TV is correct

2. Check your computer driver is installed or attribute settings are correct


Use of the process screen appears slightly blurred

If it’s first time to use, the machine is normal heat conditions, will be  normal later


After freeze the screen shakes

Freeze action, the detector must be stationary in order to ensure that the captured image as a still picture, repeated use can be improved


Television images have  stain

1. Check the screen is it has stain

2. Check the lens is it has stain

3. If not those problems, please contact the manufacturer or the local dealer


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