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1.25Gb/s 40Km LC BiDi SFP Transceiver With 1310nm Tx / 1550nm Rx

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1.25Gb/s 40Km LC BiDi SFP Transceiver With 1310nm Tx / 1550nm Rx

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1.25Gb/s 40Km LC BiDi SFP Transceiver With 1310nm Tx / 1550nm Rx


FIBERROAD’s FB-3512-40 Transceiversare a high performance, cost effective module which have a single LC optics interface. They are compatible with the Small Form Factor Pluggable Multi-Sourcing Agreement (MSA) and Digital diagnostics functions are available via the 2-wire serial bus specified in SFF-8472. The receiver section usesa PIN receiver and the transmitter usesa 1310 nm DFB laser, up to 21dB link budge ensure this module 1000Base-EX Ethernet 40km application.


² Up to 1.25Gb/s Data Links

² Hot-Pluggable

² Single LC connector

² Up to 40 km on 9/125μm SMF

² 1310nm DFB laser transmitter

² 1550nm PIN photo-detector

² Single +3.3V Power Supply

² Monitoring Interface Compliant with SFF-8472

² Maximum Power <1W

² Industrial /Extended/ Commercialoperating temperaturerange: -40°C to 85°C/-5°C to 85°C/-0°C to 70°C Version available

² RoHS compliant and Lead Free



² 1000Base-EX Ethernet

² Metro/Access Networks

² 1×Fibre Channel

² Other Optical Links



l Optical Parameters (TOP = -40 to 85°C, VCC = 3.135 to 3.465 Volts)


Transmitter Section
Center Wavelengthλc129013101330nm 
Spectral Widthσ  1nm 
Sidemode Supression ratioSSRmin30  dB 
Optical Output PowerPout-2 +3dBm1
Extinction RatioER9  dB 
Optical Rise/Fall Timetr / tf  260ps2
Relative Intensity NoiseRIN  -120dB/Hz 
Total Jitter ContributionTXΔ TJ  0.284UI3
Eye Mask for Optical OutputCompliant with IEEE802.3 z (class 1 laser safety) 
Receiver Section 
Optical Input Wavelengthλc153015501570nm 
Receiver OverloadPol-3  dBm4
RX SensitivitySen  -24dBm4
RX_LOS AssertLOS A-40  dBm 
RX_LOS De-assertLOS D  -25dBm 



Order Information

Part NumberData RateReachTX(dBm)RX(dBm)
FB-3512-201.25Gbps20km1310nm FP,-9~-31550nm PIN,<-20
FB-5312-201.25Gbps20km1550nm DFB,-9~31310nm PIN,<-20
FB-3512-401.25Gbps40km1310nm DFB,-5~01550nm PIN,<-24
FB-5312-401.25Gbps40km1550nm DFB,-5~01310nm PIN,<-24
FB-4512-801.25Gbps80KM1490nm DFB,0~31550nm PIN,<-26
FB-5412-801.25Gbps80KM1550nm DFB,0~31490nm PIN,<-26
FB-4512-1201.25Gbps120km1490nm DFB,0~51550nm APD,<-32
FB-5412-1201.25Gbps120km1550nm DFB,0~51490nm APD,<-32
FB-3524-202.488Gbps20km1310nm DFB,-5~01550nm PIN,<-18
FB-5324-202.488Gbps20km1550nm DFB,-5~01310nm PIN,<-18
FB-4524-402.488Gbps40km1490nm DFB,-2~31550nm PIN,<-24
FB-5424-402.488Gbps40km1550nm DFB,-2~31490nm PIN,<-24
FB-4524-802.488Gbps80km1490nm DFB,0~51550nm APD,<-28
FB-5424-802.488Gbps80km1550nm DFB,0~51490nm APD,<-28



We provide OEM/ODM service to our customers,Our price is far lower than our competitors due to our good material sourcing at lower cost. All our fiber transceivers are 100% compatible with major brands like Cisco, Huawei, Extreme, HP, Finisar, Broadcom, Foundry, Alcatel, D-link, Enterasys, Netgear, Juniper, Nortel, Linksys, Allied, Zyxel, Dell, Redback, H3C, ZTE, Ruijie, Ciena , Alcatel-lucent, etc.


We will work hard to fit your minimum quantity orders and also organized and schedule all shipping to your office.


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