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SINO-TECH is a professional cable component manufacturer. We have advanced automation equipment, high quality raw materials, perfect quality inspection system and professional technical team. Our company is established and constantly evolving because we are committed to customer satisfaction. Our mission is to continuously improve product quality, respond to customer requests, and understand the materials we collaborate and recommend.
At present, our products have won unanimous praise from customers, and the delivery time of products is fast and the price is favorable. It currently has more than 2,000 square feet of production facilities and more than 110 employees. 2 automatic micro coaxial cable assembly lines, 5 semi-automatic cable assembly lines, 1 assembly line, 3 automatic terminals, 12 manual terminals, 6 stripping terminals, 8 wire testing equipment. 8 molding machines; and so on. This ability allows us to meet very large production volumes and deliver products to all our customers on time. However, not all of our production is based on high volume orders. We offer our customers a small number of highly specialized cable and harness assemblies, and our engineering department, production and quality control ensure the highest quality of these unique components. Please feel free to contact us for custom OEM/ODM.

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Country: China
Website: http://www.mcccable.com/