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The Crack Shot software with Android and Iphone cheating scanner for unmarked cards

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The Crack Shot software with Android and Iphone cheating scanner for unmarked cards

Country/Region china
City & Province guangzhou guangdong
Categories Quran Players

Product Details

                    the Crack Shot software with real iphone camera read the unmarked cards 
Product Details
This kind of software can be installed into your iphone6(s) or iphone6 to read the normal cards. We have spent a lot of time and power to process this software, and now it comes out! The software can help you manage the gambling.

360 degree to read the poker cards, so when you deal the poker cards over the camera of Iphone, it will tell you the poker result  by earphones. And you can know how to make a bet.

The software is very helpful and reliable, as you can use any kinds of poker cards to play the poker games and you can also win poker games easily. The software can use to cheat flush game . If you want to know more about it, please contact us!


one iphone with software  : 1 pcs

This kind of camera lens together with poker analyzer helps you to cheat at gambleing games .


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