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Reduce Sugar Homemade Yogurt Maker Manual 1000ml Cute Healthy And Save Money

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Reduce Sugar Homemade Yogurt Maker Manual 1000ml Cute Healthy And Save Money

Country/Region china
City & Province wuhan hubei
Categories Home Decor

Product Details



Reduce Sugar Homemade Yogurt Maker Non-electrical 1000ml Cute Healthy And Save Money


Product Introduction :


  1. Yogurt maker to work only need hot water , non electric , save money and benefits , Not only delicious , but also very economical
  2. Miracle exclusives non-electric yogurt maker while make healthy, fresh yogurt almost anywhere. 
  3. Put milk into the container, stir in some yogurt starter , put the container in the outer shell and add boiling water . Let it sit at room temperature for 10 hours and you have great tasting yogurt .
  4. The insulated , sealed outer shell maintains uniform temperature to make a consistent yogurt texture .
  5. There are only 5 parts, it is easy to clean and store .
  6. It's all BPA Free.
  7. Manual yogur maker, which solves the hidden safety problem of electric yogurt machine, can let children participate in DIY together. At the same time, without the fetter of wires and sockets, it can put freely.
  8. Using IH steam ring heat technology to truly create 360 degree steam cycle heating, so that every part of the fermentation tank is evenly heated, and the active probiotics content of yogurt is high and the taste is delicate.


Method of Application :

  • Pour milk and yogurt powder into the milk pot, and mix well. (1000ml milk with 1g yogurt powder. )
  • Pour the boiling water into the main body to the scale line.
  • Put heat insulation frame in yogurt maker, then put milk pot into heat insulation frame.
  • Cover the thermal cover and upper cap, enjoy it after 8-10 hours.


Product Analysis and Advantage :


Product Analysis :Main body , Thermal insulation frame , Milk pot , Thermal cover and Upper cover
Advantage:Yogurt maker to work only need boiling water , non electric , save money and benefits , Not only delicious , but also very economical


Recipe of Vanilla yogurt :



2½ cups yogurt, ½ tbsp vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste, 1-2 tbsp honey, agave or other natural sweetener.


Announcements :

  1. Do not cover when use boiling water to disinfect the milk pot (because sealing of the pot is very good, when temperature declines, it will cause “negative pressure” effect, which will cause the cover can’t able to open.) Please separate it for disinfection.
  2. Do not clean with detergent containing chemical substances.
  3. Please use pure milk or fresh milk, milk after modulating can’t ferment.
  4. When drink by several times, the surface of yogurt will arise the yellow whey. The liquid is rich in vitamins and can be safely to drink.
  5. In winter, low temperature or refrigerated milk will affect the fermentation. Please put the milk with package and heat it to room temperation before making it.

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