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High Pure Hydrogen Water ORP Magnesium Ball orp negative ceramic ball negative orp balls

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High Pure Hydrogen Water ORP Magnesium Ball orp negative ceramic ball negative orp balls

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Factory Price High Pure Hydrogen Water ORP Magnesium Ball orp negative ceramic ball negative orp balls


Negative potential particles are silver and white metal color, from the nature of the special ore by the purification, smelting, calcination, cutting, grinding and other dozens of processes produced. This product has a weak alkaline, negative potential, reductive and other characteristics, low dissolution, high safety. Authorized by the water treatment authority experts, known as "functional water products with epoch-making significance of the concept of products." Its stable dissolution is currently no comparable products.

The negative potential has the following characteristics:
1.PH value was weak alkaline; better help us to improve the acidic body, adjust the sub-health state.
2. High solubility, strong penetration, is conducive to ease due to high protein, high calorie diet caused by high blood lipids, high cholesterol, high blood viscosity and other symptoms.
3. Low or negative potential water (ORP from 0 ~ negative 200mv) can balance the body in the metabolic process of peroxide generated free radicals, improve the activity of SOD and eliminate lipid peroxides degradation of malondialdehyde (MDA) , So that the cells are always full of vitality to keep healthy, to help the body remove harmful chromate, nitrite and heavy metals and inert metals.
【Uses】 for civil, industrial water treatment. Suitable for water purifier, energy cup, with lasting effect, not easy to compaction.
【Usage】 Water treatment: the negative potential particles into the mixing ratio of T33 filter or stainless steel, glass steel tank body; reduce alcohol: put the right amount of negative potential particles in liquor or red wine, can improve the alcohol concentration, reduce spicy.

Material Testing Report:

Product nameModelSize(mm)Chemical composition(%)
Magnesium ballMg99.98ø6*60.00180.00220.00480.00070.00030.000300.000310.00010>99.985



High Pure Hydrogen Water ORP Magnesium Ball
Produce rich hydrogen water,it is the natural antioxidant without any side-effect, it can remove harmful free radicals of human body;Improve hypertensive and diabetes, strengthen the detoxification function of liver and kidney, improve sub-healthy, inhibite cancer, beaufy and anti-aging, diminish inflammation, repair the damaged cells, and reinforce the memory ability.



Magnesium Granules Picture show:




Advantage of Hilbo company:

Full range of product types, Ensure production capacity

We ave advanced die-casting, extrusion, forging, rolling, casting processing production line and precision testing equipment. Can produce a variety of types of magnesium alloy and magnesium alloy products, and developed a high-strength magnesium alloy extruded sheet. Through the purification of ordinary magnesium, magnesium can be raised up to 99.99% of high purity.



Our services:

1. Small order quantity available
2. Professional engineering team and sales team
3. Payment: T/T & Western Union
4. OEM/ODM Supporttable
5. Free samples provided
6. Competitive price and high quality




We have attained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates, Standardize and improve the enterprise quality management system.




1. Q: Are you a factory or trading company?
A: We are direct manufacturer located in guangdong province, and have our equipment!

2. Q: Are your products customized?

A: Yes,the products in the website are only the common type or the previous types, we can supply the new products according to your requirements or drawings.


3. I do not know how to use your product ?

Do not worry! We can supply technical guidance together with products.

4. Q: How can I get some samples?
A: Several samples are freely offered for buidling the business long-term relationships and letting our customers believing the quality of our products.

5. Q: How does your factory do regarding quality control?
A: Our factory passed CE, ISO, ROSH, UL certification.

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