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Address: A-711, Haige International Building, Xuanwumen, Xicheng District, Beijing China

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Macylab Instruments Inc.

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About Us

    Macylab Instruments Inc.is a high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights . Macy hold the pioneering concept "technology - because you change " , and as a business purpose, and constantly explore, bold innovation. Especially in the field of analytical instruments ,Macy constantly develop advanced products that enable Macy to become a high-quality instrument resource supplier and leader。


    Macylab Instruments Inc.focus on UV/Vis spectrophotometer, including the 1100/1200 Series UV/Vis spectrophotometer, 1300 Series UV/Vis spectrophotometer, 1500 Series UV/Vis spectrophotometer, 1700 Series UV/Vis spectrophotometer meter, 1800 series double beam UV/Vis spectrophotometer and 1900 series double beam UV/Vis spectrophotometer.Our Atomic absorption spectrophotometer including :  AA-1800C flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer, AA-1800H Flame / Graphite Furnace Intergrated atomic absorption spectrophotometer. At present, our products have been widely used in organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, medicine, environmental protection, metallurgy, petroleum, agriculture and other fields. At the same time, aesthetic analysis using the rich experience accumulated in product mechanical structure, optical design, electrical application and software development, combined with the latest actual market demand, will soon launch a number of new analysis instrument.


    Macylab's headquarter and production base is located in Shanghai, the marketing center in Beijing, and three R & D bases in Jiangsu, Shanghai, and Shandong. To take full advantage of the country's intellectual resources, MACY and the domestic and foreign research unit also conducted deep scientific research cooperation, will continue to put the research achievements into productivity .To better serve our customers, Macy has 12 domestic offices, tailored to meet the needs of your application solutions to improve the value of the products. At the same time continue to serve domestic users, Macy also with distribution in over 20 countries to establish a deep strategic partnership cooperation.


    Along with Macylab accelerate the pace and rank among the global brand instruments, Macylab increasing demands of our own, and we also hope to get the care and support of the community, Let us work and outlook together.Technology, will change because you and us.

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Company Name: Macylab Instruments Inc.
City: beijing
Province: beijing
Country: china
Address: A-711, Haige International Building, Xuanwumen, Xicheng District, Beijing China