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Best Banana Chips Production Machine|Plantain Chips Frying Line with High Efficiency|Stainless Steel Plantain Chips Line

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Best Banana Chips Production Machine|Plantain Chips Frying Line with High Efficiency|Stainless Steel Plantain Chips Line

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Description of Best Banana Chips Production Machine:

At first,the banana chips production line should has high quality and capacity.So that it can meet the needs of banana producers.Secondly, this machine is not only easy to operate but also saves cost.In addition, the price of this banana production line is moderate.Last but not least,this machine is safe and hygienic to meet the national standard of export production.
bast banana chips making equipment
Technical Parameters:
Flow Chart for Banana Chips Production Line:

banana chips line
banana chips

Working principle of factory banana chips production line:

Banana Peeling --- Peeled Banana Slicing --- Banana Slice Blanching --- Banana Slice De-watering --- Banana Chips Frying --- Fried Banana Chips De-oiling --- Banana Chips Flavoring

banana chips making processing
Chart of this banana chips processing machine cost:

banana Chips Cutting Machine0.75kw 380V-3/220V-3
Washing Machine5kw/380v/50Hz,
Blanching Machine


De-oiling Machine


Air De-watering Machine




Electric Heating Fryer Machine


Vibrating De-oiling Machine1.5kw/380v/50Hz
Air Drying Machine8kw/380v/50Hz
Seasoning Machine1.5kw/380v/50hz
Automatic Packing Machine4kw/380v/50hz

banana chips picture

Features of Stainless Steel Plantain Chips Production Line:

1.Banana Peeling: For semi-automatic banana chips plant, you can peel banana by hand to reduce cost.

2.Banana Slicing Machine: specially designed to make banana slices. Vertical feeding ensure sliced bananas round and neat. Two feeding throats fasten slicing speed. Concealed cutters and slicers have high safety and security in banana slicing process.

3.Banana Chips Blanching Machine: after processed by banana chips blanching machine, banana chips have better taste, good color and texture and high nutritional value Hot water stops enzymatic activity which would decay bananas. Blanching time and temperature can be changed for a best flavor.

4.Banana Slice Dehydration Machine: used to remove banana chips surface water in centrifugal principle. High roasting speed ensure a full dewatering process. Dry banana chips are easy to be fried and reserved.

5.Banana Chips Frying Machine: there are two heating methods in banana chips frying machine -- Heated by Electricity and Heated by Coal.

6.Fried Banana Chips De-oiling Machine: like banana chips dewatering machine, banana chips de-oiling machine also works in centrifugal principle to remove the extra oil in fried banana chips. De-oiled fried banana chips has good taste and less oil and fat.

7.Banana Chips Seasoning Machine: fried banana chips could have different taste mixed with various condiments. Though sweet banana chips are most popular, other flavors like salty, spicy also have great market. There are three flavoring ways: disc type, octagonal type and drum type.

Banana chips processing line with high efficiency and quality :

easy operate best banana chips making machine
banana chips procudt
About automatic banana chips processing machine's company:
Headquartered in Zhengzhou, Henan Province Of China, Henan GELGOOG Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as GELGOOG) is a large-scale industrial group mainly specialized in food processing machines, covers frying equipment, instant noodles equipment, nuts butter equipment, sugar processing equipment, ice cream cone equipment, prawn cracker equipment, packing machine equipment, etc. With years of manufacturing and sales experience in machinery industry, GELGOOG has achieved a good fame for providing high quality machines and best service concept - Quality First, Service First, and established a recognized brand in machinery industry.
Why choose our banana chips processing production line :
After-sale Service:
Our banana chips processing machine with good service for customers:
1.Delivery time: 15 days after receiving 40% of the whole payment.
2.Payment term: 40% as prepayment by T/T, after seen the copy of the confirmed B/L sent by email,the balance of 60% should be effected .
3.Valid time: This quotation is valid for seven days.
4.Quality Guarantee Terms: Quality guarantee term is for one year. Malfunctions which are caused by machine-self and quality will be responsible for our manufacturer. Other malfunctions which are caused by operation mistakes, man-made problems, etc will be responsible for clients-self.
Wooden package as export standard.
The delivery about this plantain chips making machine:
5-10days after received 40% of the whole payment.
About Shipping:
We can be responsible for the shipping,of course,we can also accept and cooperate with your agent if you have shipping forwarder in China

1.Ask:What is your machine guarantee?
Ans:Usually our machine guarantee is 1 years, and we will keep contact with our customers for after-sale servise, we aim to produce better machines and make our customers satisfied.
2.Ask:What's the machine voltage or power of your machine?
Ans:Usually in our country voltage is 220v,50hz, single phase , or 380v, 50hz, 3 phase, if you have special requirement , pls tell us, we will vetify the voltage according to your requirement.
3.Ask:How to install the machine for us?
Ans:We can instuct the machine install by vedio, email ,picture, etc, and if for large project , we can also arrange our workers help you to install it in your country .
4.Ask: If we have problems when we use your machine, what should we do?
Ans: If you have any problems, just contact us, we will help you to solve, and if necesary, we will arrange our engineers to help you in your place.

If you are interested in our product ,please contact withe me at any time.
Whats app:+8618539931566

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