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single-flute end mill for the aluminum window

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single-flute end mill for the aluminum window

Country/Region China
City & Province Shanghai
Categories Plastic Cutting Machinery

Product Details

single-flute end mill for the aluminum window
With excellent rigidity, tooling can conduct highly efficient machining.
.Generalhigh precision product, surface finish≤Ra0.15m.
.Adopting advanced power high speed CNC grinder to make high precision profile grinding,it has perfect blade quality & precision tolerance.
.Inclination umber of flute (2-flute~6-flute) ype of holderhelical anglelute lengthholder diameteroverall length etc can be machined according to requirements.

Note:non-standard, and size will be produced according to the order.

ASP60C :

imported ultra high wear-resistant high-grade high cobalt powder steel, quenched:HRC70°±2°, with excellent wear resistance and impact resistance. Comparing with HSSEHSS-AL and HSSCo, it has 4~8 times lifetime, and can guarantee uniformity and conformity rate of machined products. It is often applied in general equipment for machining various materials including NiCrMoSiTi) that are hard to machine like high alloyheat-resistant alloycast iron of nickel-vanadium-titanium alloystainless steel. It is excellent machining tool before heat treatment. It has excellent high temperature machining and comprehensive performance, and allows higher cutting speed. The higher the hardness of machined materials, the more remarkable the effect. Because its roughness is not so good, it is not suitable for discontinuous cutting or for using under processing system of insufficient rigidity, otherwise, cutter will be hit or chipping will happen.


Imported ultra micro-grain diamond tungsten steel, with excellent impact-resistance and general wear-resistance. Generally applied in worse or general equipment to machine materials of lower hardness HRC≤25°, discontinuous cutting and worse part fixture. Conforming to ISO K25, can replace machining of materials like M42, ASP60, MPM, HSSCo10 etc, and can get 4-6 times lifetime, it has higher performance/price ration. Comparing with SKH51, it has 15-25 times lifetime and durability.

MR11: (For high wear-resistant application):

Ultra micro-grain quality carbide has property of excellent wear resistance and ideal impact resistance. It is applied in mid, high speed intermediate cutting machining of various materials that HRC 28°48°. It is an ideal machining tooling for finish machining and material tempering, and it is extensively applied. Comparing with general tungsten steel, it has 2~3 times more lifetime. Generally it is applied in good and stable work conditions, good part fixture and continuous mid, high speed light-duty cutting. After being TiALN coated, it has better performance, can machine various materials of HRC 60° Conforming to ISO K10~K30/P10~P30. It is often applied in CNC equipment to machine various hard-machining materials (containing Ni, Cr, Mo, Si, Ti etc.) like high temperature alloys, heat-resistant alloys, Ni-V-Ti alloys, cast iron, stainless steel etc., ultra excellent machining tools before heat-treatment and after tempering. High temperature machining and integrated property is good, allowing highest cutting speed (generally linear speed is above 120M) and with low feed requirement. The higher hardness of the machining material, the better performance. Due to its bad toughness, it is not applicable for discontinuous cutting or for conditions in which process system's rigidity is not sufficient and there is chattering, jumping, otherwise, the blade will be hit or chipping will happen.
ultra micro-grain quality carbide, has excellent wear resistance, but its impact resistance is not so good. It is applicable for medium and low speed cutting of high hardness materials(HRC45°-65°) requiring thermal refining and quenching or for various materials having higher wear res

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