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scraper for wire

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scraper for wire

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scraper for wire
(stainless/wear-resistant/high precision)

(N10  HTI10  TH10  EH10  KG10  K10K313  )
 (M20  GM127  CNX725  RW2110)
(K20  G-10  CYC600  YG6 )
(S10  EH510  H10F  K313  )
(K10  2A5  H216T H10T  G-920  CX2515  YG6A  GW620H  UH10  CS310  BK6M  741 )
 A” tooth: straight tooth (ratched type)
It is mainly applied in finish milling and cutting. Its milling and cutting depth is shallow, about 3~5mm. AW” tooth: it is improved one based on A” tooth. Tooth profile is left and right single inclined type. Its tooth function is same as that of A” tooth, but its efficiency is higher.
B” tooth: curved tooth (cam-generated type)
Tooth profile is bending flat tooth, mainly applied to cut deep groove. The cutting resistance is stronger than A” tooth and the groove is deeper. BW” tooth: curved tooth (alternately beveled)
Tooth profile is left and right single inclined bending flat tooth, the improved one based on B” tooth, mainly applied to cut thicker material of abnormal profile, with stronger cutting resistance, applied for general cross-cutting saw.
C” tooth: HI-LO” tooth (three-tooth regrinding; rough and finish tooth machining)
Its tooth profile is high and low ladder tooth profile. The difference between front and back tooth is 0.15±0.3mm. The front tooth is double-bevel, and the back tooth is flat. Its cutting efficiency is high, and can reduce cutting force when assisting in cutting saw. BR” tooth: it is latest improved design of B” tooth, with a fine cutting groove of about 0.4mm at the top of tooth. Its function is to re-break waste materials from cutting and sawing work pieces and to increase discharge rate, so that comparing with BW” tooth, its cutting and sawing efficiency increases by 25%.

This is super high hardness super mirror finish stainless high speed steel. It is characterized by excellent anti-rust, anti-corrosion, anti-worn (high hardness) and ideal impact resistance properties. It applies to a wide range. Its useful life is 3-6 times than normal stainless products. Moreover, AIS1440C and SUS440C are even better quality of incisiveness and much more excellent anti-worn properties. Under salt water circumstances, it's anti-rust capability could improve more than 10-20 times. Its quality is quite good and stable. we can produce extreme complex and accurate Holder profile.
ASP60C :
imported ultra high wear-resistant high-grade high cobalt powder steel, quenched:HRC70°±2°, with excellent wear resistance and impact resistance. Comparing with HSSEHSS-AL and HSSCo, it has 4~8 times lifetime, and can guarantee uniformity and conformity rate of machined products. It is often applied in general equipment for machining various materials including NiCrMoSiTi) that are hard to machine like high alloyheat-resistant alloycast iron of nickel-vanadium-titanium alloystainless steel. It is excellent machining tool before heat treatment. It has excellent high temperature machining and comprehensive performance, and allows higher cutting speed. The higher the hardness of machined materials, the more remarkable the effect. Because its roughness is not so good, it is not suitable for discontinuous cutting or for using under processing system of insufficient rigidity, otherwise, cutter will be hit or chipping will happen.
Imported ultra micro-grain diamond tungsten steel, with excellent impact-resistance and general wear-resistance. Generally applied in worse or general equipment to machine materials of lower hardness (HRC≤25°), discontinuous cutting and wor

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