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Easy Maintenance Home Lift Elevator , Simple Operating Systems Domestic Passenger Lifts

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Easy Maintenance Residential Home Elevators with Simple operating systems


Wellift residential home elevators adopt the advanced permanent magnet synchronous motor gearless drive; the elevator motor gear is free of gear oil and free of maintenance. Special inverter systems control the running position, upgrading the comfort feeling all-sided. Low noise, easy installation, accomplish you perfect living condition. It is compact and economic home elevator for old man, patient and disabled people.


Standard specification of Residential Home Elevators and villa elevator

Target market: Villa and high grade residential building
Load(Kg) 320,400
Speed(m/s) 0.4
Most Stops 5
Max. Journey 12m


Product Features

  • Machine roomless design saves construction cost
  • Specially designed car sling with 2:1 roping
  • VVV drive, micro-controller, smooth and comfortable
  • 220V or 380V specialized motor which is more professional and effective
  • Special traction machine bracket fixed on guide rail that assures no pressure on shaft wall
  • Excellent at energy saving with simple outer looking and vibration proof


Key Components

1.  Elevator Traction Machines

Special purpose PM gearless traction machine for villa elevator, the motor has Ф240 wheel diameter and its unique structure lowered the total height of the motor and reduces the overhead requirement.


2.  Elevator Door System

Adopts VVVF technology and it ensures noiseless and smooth operation.


3.  Control System adopts Full Serial Villa Elevator Controller

Adopts FPGA+DSP control platform with strong data processing capacity, anti-interference design, safety protections for both elevator control and drive system control, which ensure the super reliability and stability of our home elevator.

2.2kw low power is specially designed for villa elevator.


4.  Elevator Safety Components

Speed governor, safety gear, oil buffer, guide shoe and rope brake ,all safety components parts are carefully selected from top-grade professional factories, fully comply with GB7588-2003 standard ( equivalent to the EN81-1: 1998 standard), featuring professional product design, high quality, passing national type testing certification.


Cabin Design


Wellift residential home elevators or villa elevator cabin uses new materials, new craft decoration;

It’s fashionable, beautiful and useful. Excellent choices for users, that ranges from various painted steel,

Mirror stainless steel, hairline stainless steel, vibration stainless steel, etching stainless steel, etc.

You may choose the finishing matches that suit the building design.




Wellift residential home elevators or villa elevator ergonomic COP Design with high resolution convenience for operation & better sensitivity ensue the entire feeling comfortable.


Standard Design


Wellift standard cabin is of simple and fashionable design, which is harmonious with various building styles.
1. Three types of landing door frame are available to suit different building designs.
2. Cabin wall is with optional designs. Materials are painted steel, stainless steel, mirror steel etc. for choice.
3. Ceiling is optional in standard styles.
4. The platform is high-quality plastic floor, or reserve space to lay down stone plate according to client's favor.
5. Optional color patterns of landing doors


The car and landing door of residential home elevators or villa elevator have been heightened with special design:

1. The car has been lengthened from standard 2.0m to 2.2m;
2. The landing door has been lengthened from standard 1.9m to 2.4m.

3. Dimension of cabin and opening door can be customized according to the actual site condition.


Function for Residential Home Elevators and villa elevator

BStandard FunctionOOptional Function
Safety Features
Fault Detection
BMotor Overheating ProtectionBForbidden Switch of Door Opening
BSubsection Inspection of Safety CircuitBSpeed Governor Tension Safety Contacts
BMain Power Switch BoxBCar Door Contacts
BRunning Hours CumulatingB

Car Lighting Main Switch Box Main Fuse

Inside of Controller Box

BCar Positioning SwitchBPit Brace Rod Contacts
BCar Emergency Stop Switch--Car TopBCar Top Brace Rod Contacts
BCar Emergency Stop Switch--PitBElectrical Brake Releasing Function
BSafety Gear Safety ContactBCar Emergency Light
BSpeed Governor Safety ContactsOARD--- Automatic Rescue Device
BMain Switch Inside Controller BoxBEmergency Call(One Digit Dial Telephone)
Information FunctionComfort Functions
Landing Information DisplayEntering & Exit Cabin
BLanding Call Indicating LightBDoor Opening Button
OTravelling Direction Indicators at Every Floor, Floor Number DisplayBDoor Closing Button
BLight Curtain
Inside Cabin Information DisplayComfortable Running
BCOP Call Indicating LightBCar Lighting
BOverload Symbol& BuzzerBFan
BCar Position DisplayOBackground Music
BTravelling Direction IndicatorsOVoice Announcer
CCTV CameraMisusage Protection
BDoor Zone Indicating LightBCalling Cancellation by 2 Times Button Pressing on COP
BRunning Times AccumulatingBViscous Button Monitoring
BNormal Fault SignalBOpposite Direction Calling on COP
Control Functions
Prior/Special Service Functions / Special Functions
BLanding Call ForbiddenBTesting Running
BAuto DoorOFunctions for Disabled (Braille Button, Voice Announcer)
BDoor Opening and Closing Timing at Each Floor, Unified RegulationBRe-Opening Door When Landing Call
BInspection RunningOThrough Opening Door
BEmergency ReturningOOptional Door is Available (If It is Through Opening)


As a professional elevator manufacturer in China, we manufacture a complete line of standard and custom designed elevator systems. Due to their reliable performance, great durability and long lifespan, our residential elevators , commercial elevators and residential home elevators are well received in Philippines, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Albania, Russia, Nigeria, South Africa, India, and more.
Welcome global elevator purchasers to contact us and try our products.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any need for our products. Also you can visit our company website www.wellift.com to download product catalogues.


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