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Featured Water Soluble Nitrogen Fertilizer Products: T768 Water-solubility antirust agent, KE-2 (PAG) ViscosifierForQuenching Liquid, T581 Nitrogen-ContainingHeterocyclic Derivatives and more.
T768 Water-solubility antirust agent T768 is a complex polymer-based rust inhibitor.T768 can suit for non-ferrous metals ,especially for long term anticorrosion ,no residue and no ...
[Last Updated : 2017-08-29]
KE-2 (PAG) Viscosifier For Quenching Liquid Polymer polyether KE series products are a kind of copolymer by ethylene oxide and propylene oxide ,or PAG for short.KE - 2 is mainly ...
[Last Updated : 2017-08-29]
T581 Nitrogen -Containing Heterocyclic Derivatives T581 is a kind of liquid nitrogen-containing heterocyclic derivatives, which made by hydrazine hydrate and special amine as raw ...
[Last Updated : 2017-08-29]
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