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Shanghai Minglan Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of lubricant additives.We have committed to supply the professional,perfect, effective and satisfactory lubrication solutions all the time. Our lubricant additive packages meet the specification requirement of bunch test,and possess excellent product  performance and reliable quality,so that always holds technology leading status in the lubrication industry.

Product variety is widespread, mainly including various series of internal combustion engine oil additive, the hydraulic oil additive, gear oil additive, wind power gear oil additive, ATF automatic transmission fluid additive, knitting oil additive, electrostatic spraying anti-rust oil additive, aluminum magnesium alloys emulsified oil additive,  aluminum alloy metal processing cutting oil additive, etc.

, widely used in the lubrication industry.

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Company Name: Shanghai Minglan Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Contperson: Liliya Yao
Email: export@lubeadd.com
Business Phone: 24 31381291
Mobile Phone: 15821399573
Country: China
Website: http://www.lube-add.com/