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Address: No.3 Jiaoyuan Rd,Hengjiao District,Hengjiao Village,Shijie Town, Dong Guan City, Guang Dong Province, PR China. 523 290

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Dongguan LmetTest Technology Co.,Ltd

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DONG GUAN LMETTEST TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD , positions “lmeTTest” as its core business unit for LMET GROUP, aims to provide customers in different industries domestic and abroad with outstanding and excellent reliability test solution and laboratory test machines and equipment.

lmeTTest functions not just as a systematic system supplier, but also provides customer worldwide with the suitable and flexible solutions.

Thanks to its cooperative and developing strategies by taking an action of resource integration, technology stake, or capital stake, direct investment as well as building-up own factory to cooperate with our partner to build production base,collaborative research and development & market development to achieve corporate gain and marketing expansion.


lmeTTest built up his own team on design, R&D, manufacture, test, and promotion. We and our partner now build large production workshop with an area that takes up more than 1000 square meters and annual turnover up to 100 millions RMB and boost our own technical team more than 150 staffs, and among them 60 staffs are with high educated background and senior engineer number up to more than 20 staffs.

lmeTTest is established in 2007 with its main members are experienced and skillful in special areas such as mechanotronics, computer science, hydrodynamics and other science. Most of them have service experiences up to 10 years. Thus, our team makes effort to offer the best service to all of our customers both home & abroad.

Since its establishment, lmeTTest concerns on the emerging new technologies in the industries as well as the industrial development trends; by the continuous technological innovation & integrated application and research of new technologies and products, lmeTTest provides our customers with the top-class industrial relaibility test solution.


lmeTTest employs the systematic talent management system that functions the talent recruitment and talents cultivation system. lmeTTest boost its own team that includes high-educated talents, utility engineers, skillful marketing team & the managing personals, optimizes continuously its own prevailing talent management system,which turns the advances of internal talent into the driving power of marketing extent for itself, offer the best quality products & technical backup services.



lmeTTest executes the strategy of market diversification, and its business scope involves those areas and businesses belongs to electronic, electrical, automation. Though technical exchange & cooperation with the brand cooperates & the universities in large scope of areas,or independent technical R&D, lmeTTest extents its commercial activities in quantities of business areas. Products and technical services from lmeTTest maximizes our customer benefits and services values, take up a steady market share in the relevant businesses with the intense marketing competition;LEMT also accumulates its industrial know-how & experience in the increasing business activities to realize the purposes of serving and supporting customers in a large quantity as well as the value of lmeTTest itself.


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Professional Industrial Information and Instruction

Technical Propasal To Comply with Customer Demand

High & Reliable Product To Meet Customer Requirement

Lean Installation, Commissioning Guidance and Instruction

Conditional On-site Installation & Commissioning Service

Free Spare parts and Component To Replace and Maintenance

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Company Name: Dongguan LmetTest Technology Co.,Ltd
City: dongguan
Province: guangdong
Country: china
Address: No.3 Jiaoyuan Rd,Hengjiao District,Hengjiao Village,Shijie Town, Dong Guan City, Guang Dong Province, PR China. 523 290