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GSM GPRS NB - IoT LoRa AMR Cylindrical Li Ion Battery CR17450 2200mAh 4/5A

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GSM GPRS NB - IoT LoRa AMR Cylindrical Li Ion Battery CR17450 2200mAh 4/5A

Country/Region china
City & Province wuhan hubei
Categories Batteries

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GSM GPRS NB-IoT LoRa AMR CR17450 2200mAh 4/5A Non-Rechargeable batteries


Nominal Capacity2200mAh
Battery discharged at continuous current 1mA until voltage reaches cut-off voltage 2.0V at ambient temperature 23±2℃
Nominal Voltage3.0 V
Maximum Continuous Current1500mA
Battery with minimum 50% rated capacity discharged at ambient temperature 23±2℃
Maximum Pulse Discharge Current3000mA
Battery with minimum 50% rated capacity discharged at max pulse for 3 seconds after 27seconds break. Ambient temperature 23±2℃
Storage Condition

Temperature ≤ 30℃

Humidity ≤ 75%RH

Operating Temperature-40℃ to +85℃
Battery DimensionSee drawing on pag
Max Weight26.0g
Self-discharge Rate2%
Max self-discharged rate at ambient temperature 23±2℃
Shelf Life10 years
Ambient temperature 23±2℃


1. Battery Characteristic


  • High Voltage
    Nominal voltage up to 3.0 V
  • High Energy Density
    Specific energy density up to 260 Wh/kg
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range
    -40°C to +85°C
  • Long Shelf Life
    Self discharge rate is less than 2% per year at room temperature
    High capacity, stable performance, no passivation effect
    Glass-to-metal seal
    Bobbin and spiral structure is available for different applications

2. Main Applications

  • Utility Metering

          Automatic meter reading(AMR), advanced metering infrastructure(AMI),electricity meters, gas meters, water meters, heat meters, etc.

  • Security

          Smoke detectors,security alarms, seismometers, digital door lock system, etc.

  • Internet of Things

          Asset tracking toll-gate transponders smart home bike-sharing IC cards GPS, TPMS, RFID, etc.

  • Monitoring

          Animal health monitoring system,forest fire alert, smart irrigation system, etc.

  • Medical Devices

          Cardiac pacemaker, respirator, oxygenator, inspection devices, monitoring devices, infusion pump, etc.

  • Marine & Lifesaving

          Life jacket, signal light, buoy, etc.



3. Manufacturing Advantages

  • Quality management system of HCB is conformity with GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008 standard;
  • HCB Environment Management System meets the standard GB/T24001-2004/ISO14001:2004;
  • The battery can pass drop test if you need;
  • Report for safe transport of goods can be provided with you if needed;
  • We can provide you with the CE certificate if you need;
  • Rosh Standard is workable for HCB Battery;
  • UL Standard is workable for HCB Battery.


4. Company Advantages

HCB Battery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001. As a leading primary lithium battery manufacturer and solution provider in China, HCB remains dedicated to leading the R&D and manufacturing of various types of primary lithium batteries.


5. General Safety Instructions


  • Which environment is workable to store the battery?

          In order to store the battery, the environment should be dry enough.

  • What kind of case do we need to stop using the battery?

          We need to stop using the battery when the abnormal heat release or leakage occurs.

  • If you have children at home, what should you pay attention when we use our battery?

         The battery should be kept out of the children firstly. If swallowed by children, please contact a physician at once.

  • What the danger is if the battery is closed to the fire?

          The batteries may be incinerated or mutilated if they are closed to the fire and it leads a possible burst or they may release the toxic                      materials.

  • If the batteries are closed to the fire, what may happen?

          They will be hot very fast and can lead the gas and other toxic materials leakage if they are closed to fire.

  • If the positive and negative polarity of a battery is directly connected, what will happen?

          If + and - polarity of battery is directly connected, it is called short circuit and it will lead the leakage of gas or materials or a violent rupture.



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