18650 2600mAh Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries 3.7V UL ICEL ROSH

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18650 2600mAh Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries 3.7V UL ICEL ROSH

Country/Region china
City & Province shenzhen guangdong
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18650 2600mAh Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries 3.7V UL ICEL ROSH



1. High density 18650 battery with long cycle life 1000 cycles 


2. Safety design with Imported Seiko PCM with MSDS delivery 


3. International Certificate with UL,CE,GUARANTEE LETTER, ROHS ,ICEL for overseas market 


4. various capacity with direct factory price 


5. Accept the OEM,ODM Order and custmized battery pack 


6. 18650 charger is available if requested 


7. Imported original 18650 cells ,High capacity and high power discharge type 18650

    are vailable,Contact us today for more details. 




Application :


Medical devices , Garden Lamp, flash light, Outdoor lighting , Torches , Machine , E-bike, 

Laptop , PDA, Tablet , Trolley , consumer electronics device , vacuum cleaner , Toys , power 

tools .





3.7V 18650 cells model list :



No.TypeModelsCapacity (mAh)Nominal Voltage (V)diameter  ±0.05(mm)Height ±0.5(mm) 
1Lithium Cylindrical134906503.712.948.5 
2Lithium Cylindrical144306503.713.942.5 
3Lithium Cylindrical145007003.713.964.5 
4Lithium Cylindrical146508003.713.964.5 
5Lithium Cylindrical1465011003.713.964.5 
6Lithium Cylindrical172806003.716.6527.5 
7Lithium Cylindrical173357503.716.6533.5 
8Lithium Cylindrical1750011003.716.6548.5 
9Lithium Cylindrical1765012003.716.6564.5 
10Lithium Cylindrical1765016003.716.6564.5 
11Lithium Cylindrical1849012003.718.0548.5 
12Lithium Cylindrical1849014003.718.0564.5 
13Lithium Cylindrical1865014003.718.0564.5 
14Lithium Cylindrical1865018003.718.0564.5 
15Lithium Cylindrical1865020003.718.0564.5 
16Lithium Cylindrical1865022003.718.0564.5 
17Lithium Cylindrical1865026003.718.0565.5 
18Lithium Cylindrical1874016003.718.0571.5 
19Lithium Cylindrical2175032003.721.574.5 
20Lithium Cylindrical2243020003.722.0542.5 
21Lithium Cylindrical2665030003.726.0564.5 
High Rate Series Li-ion 18650 re-chargeable battery 
No.TypeModelsCapacity (mAh)Nominal Voltage (V)diameter  ±0.05(mm)Height ±0.5(mm)Discharge Rate(10C)
1Lithium Cylindrical18650P-110011003.718.0564.510C 15C 20C
2Lithium Cylindrical18650P-120012003.718.0564.510C 15C 20C
3Lithium Cylindrical18650P-130013003.718.0564.510C 15C 20C
4Lithium Cylindrical18650CP-140014003.718.0564.510C 15C 20C
5Lithium Cylindrical18650CP-150015003.718.0564.510C 15C 20C
6Lithium Cylindrical18650CP-160016003.718.0564.510C 15C 20C
7Lithium Cylindrical18650CP-170017003.718.0564.510C 15C 20C
8Lithium Cylindrical18650CP-180018003.718.0564.510C 15C 20C
9Lithium Cylindrical18650CP-190019003.718.0564.510C 15C 20C
10Lithium Cylindrical18650CP-200020003.718.0564.510C 15C 20C
11Lithium Cylindrical18650CP-210021003.718.0564.510C 15C 20C
12Lithium Cylindrical18650CP-220022003.718.0564.510C 15C 20C
More Details,Contact Us Now.     
Sales Director:Lucy       
E-mail: Lucy@maxpowersz.com     



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