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Ion Exchanger City Water Treatment System RO Water Purifier Machine

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Ion Exchanger City Water Treatment System RO Water Purifier Machine

Country/Region china
City & Province suzhou jiangsu
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Product Details

Ion Exchanger City Water Treatment System RO Water Purifier Machine

Quick Detail:

1. Reverse osmosis system is applied, single level filter
2. Main material: SUS304
3. For drinking pure water
4. Capacity: 1000L/H


This pure water treatment system is mainly used to treat the raw water to be drinkable directly by people with more good quality, the single level RO system is used, which will meet with the drinking water standard.
Compare with other normal pure water treatment system, the ion exchanger and ion rebirth device is used in this line to guarantee the good effect.

Main containing machines:
1) Raw water tank
2) Raw water pump
3) Quartz sand filter
4) Active carbon filter
5) Ion exchanger
6) Ion rebirth device
7) Precision filter
8) Ro system
9) Ozone sterilizer / UV sterilizer
10) Pure water storage tank
11) Connection pipe and valves
12) Filter materials

Ro system is more important in the line, ro membrane is the key part of whole RO, it will decide the system workable or not. The water passing RO can remove bacterial, organic substance and microorganism and so on.
No phase change will be generated in RO device during water purification. Water recovery rate is high, small in dimension, high automation.

Whole SUS304 rack, automation part apply AC contactor control, apply flow meter, pressure gauge and auto flush electrical magnetic valve, etc.
Protect device:Low pressure and high pressure protect switch is set before water entry and after water discharge. Booster pump and system will stop when water supply is not enough. Make cut off on booster pump when there is too much discharge pressure to avoid system running under pressure exceeding status.

It is automatic system, interlock will be applied under auto model. Pretreatment is controlled automatically, original pump and ro unit is using integrate control. Control panel will work on system monitoring and parameter set up. Instruments and gauges are settled to show parameters. Interlock set up is good for safe running.


1. The machine is mainly used to treat the to river water, well water, spring water, lake water and city water to directly drinking water for home use, factory use, or packed in bottles, barrels, other containers for market selling.
2. It is used to remove the suspended solids, bacterial, organic substance and microorganism, plastic particles, microorganisms, chlorine,taste,some heavy metal ions and so on.
3. Easy operation and good drinking water quality.


Flow rate≥2m3/h (25℃)
Recovery rate≥50%
Design pressure0.2-1.0Mpa
Operationmanual control, manual flush
Membrane materialRO membrane
Membrane qty4 PCS
Power0.55 kw

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