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Two Labels Semi Automatic Labeling Machine For Round / Conical Container

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Two Labels Semi Automatic Labeling Machine For Round / Conical Container

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City & Province suzhou jiangsu
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Product Details

Two Labels Semi Automatic Labeling Machine For Round / Conical Container


Product Description



This machine is applicable for labeling on round or conical container, with 1 or 2 labels, on front and back sides, the detail application description as following table:


IssueApplication Description
Applicable Container

Round/Conical Container, such as

1) Round/Conical Bottle, flasks, vials

2) Round/Conical Can or Jar etc

Type of LabelSelf-adhesive sticker , Self-adhesive Film, Bar code
Number of Label1 or 2
Transparency of LabelNon-transparent as the standard, transparent label as the option




Standard Features


  Suitable for round or conical container, like bottle, flasks, vials, can or jar etc.

  Flexible switching for single or double labels. Convenient position adjustment between 2 labels

  Configure with Tape adjustment devices for conical container.

  With label positioning, label correcting devices, ensure label head and tail overlapping quality, labeling without wrinkles, bubbles.

  Program Logic Controller plus fiber detecting sensor enable convenient and high performance operation

  Automatic counting of labeling

  Assurance of key components’ quality by selecting of International reputable brands


Optional Features


NoOptional FeatureDescription
1Automatic Product DetectingConfigure with product detecting sensor to achieve automatic labeling once the product in the labeling position , and it is not necessary to use the pedal
2Positioning labelingTo detect the specific position of the container and achieve high precise labeling
3Code PrintingTo configure with ribbon or injek type code printer to print customized text on the label
4Transparent Label DetectingSuitable for transparent label




Program Logic Controller – PLC is the core control unit of the labeling machine, which receives start and label detecting signal, and synchronize with solenoid switch and motor. The working processes include:


1) Put the product on the labeling position, start up the labeling machine by pedal, motor starts to rotating, drive label reinforced roller rotating, and indirectly drive the product rotating. At this point the electromagnetic clutch release, traction shaft stop

2) After the product rotating, the PLC starts the "labeling delay" program. Product continues to rotate, electromagnetic clutch is closed, and traction mechanism rotates, peeling labels.

3) The label detecting sensor detects the label signal, the signal is fed back to the PLC, clutch release, motor rotation stop delay to complete a labeling process



Control MethodSemi-AutomaticSemi-AutomaticManual
Number of Label1 or 21 or 21
Type of LabelSelf-AdhesiveSelf-AdhesiveSelf-Adhesive
Coding/Printing MachineExcludeExcludeExclude
Width of Label Roll10-180mm10-180mm15-160mm
Length of Label15-376mm15-376mm320mm-max
Labeling Speed15-30 pcs/min15-30 pcs/min15-25 pcs/min
labeling Tolerance+/- 1mm+/- 1mm+/- 1mm
Diameter of Container8-120mm8-120mm15-150mm
Roller Outer Diameter280mm280mm240mm
Roller Inner Diameter76mm76mm76mm
Power RequirementAC 220V 50/60HZAC 220V 50/60HZNA
Electricity Consumption200w200wNA
Approximate Weight ( Net)35 kg35 kg25 kg
Dimension ( ‘mm )920*450*520mm920*450*520mm650*430*500mm
Transparency Label DetectorExcludeExcludeExclude
Program Logic Controller-PLCIncludeIncludeNA

Human Machine Interface-HMI

Touch Screen Type




Except for the professional design of the machine, the key components configuration will determine the quality of the machine or system, below is the shortlist configuration of the key components:


NoComponentsMaterial / Short List
1Main MaterialStainless Steel 304 and/or duralumin
2Programmable Logic ControllerDelta, Siemens, Mitsubishi
3Touch ScreenWeinview, Siemens,Delta
4MotorTeco, OPG, Panosonic,JSCC
5Key Electric ComponentsSchneider,Chint
6Photocell Sensor for standard labelOritiz, Sick, Leuze, Datasensor



Practically, compare with the simple machine in the market, we are more focusing on the details, the advantages as indicated in the following table:


Labeling TargetOur Design
No wrinkles

Reasonable label guiding device, include

a) Label guiding and pulling

b) Label tension maintaining ,

c) label separating processes

No bubblesReasonable labeling and Reinforcing devices
Accurate labeling

a) High quality and position adjustable label detecting sensor

b) Container positon adjustment device

c) Labeling synchronization control

Flexible operation

a) Pedal Control / Automatic Detecting

b) Single or double labels

c) Code printing can be integrated

d) Flexible programming by PLC

e) Necessary protection, like short circuit , overload etc




Related Products


If you need other labeling machines , like want automatic solutions, label on flat , circular or other irregular surface




In ordr to enable you understand our products conveniently , following documents are available, but not limited, to be provided upon the stage of purchasing


1Products Selection GuideSGTo select or customize the suitable products for the clients upon the feedback of Selection Guide, which include project background, parameters and other client’s requirement
2Products ProfilePPTo enable the clients understand the overview of the products, Covers sections of Basic Features, Application, Construction, Typical Products, Approvals, and Optional Features
3Installation InstructionINTo explain the step of installation of the equipment, and include commissioning instruction as well
4User ManualUMTo cover the content of Operation & Maintenance and Trouble Shooting


Our Services



Customization Philosophy


The product demonstrating may not perfectly meet your requirements, our philosophy is to customize your real need, To minimizing idle capacity and function. To supply you performance and cost balanced products. Following are the factors shall be taken into account during customization:


  • Type of label, transparency
  • Container to be labeled, type and specification.
  • Capacity requirement
  • Automation requirement
  • Protection requirement
  • Other specific requirement


Selection Guide


Selection Guides are available for circulation, contact us to get products selection and customization support.




  • The pictures demonstrating in this profile represent products of range, and subject to the newest or customized design
  • Due to the huge number of documentation updating, the data indicated in this profile may not be updated timely, Please contact with our customer service for newest version.
  • The features or functions appear in this profile subject to the additional description of quotation


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