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Liquid Bag Filter Housings Micro Filtration Machine For Coconut Water VCO Oil

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Liquid Bag Filter Housings Micro Filtration Machine For Coconut Water VCO Oil

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Liquid Bag Filter Housings Micro Filtration Machine For Coconut Water VCO Oil


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Micro filtration is a porous fine ceramic filter which is sintered from Alumina Titanic or Zirconium under ultra high temperature. porous ceramic pipe normally has an asymmetrical structure with porous support active membrane layer. The macro porous support ensures the mechanical resistance while the active layer functions separation ranging from Micro filtration;Ultla filtration and even Nano filtration (from 10μm down to 1KD). porous ceramic pipe always runs at a cross flow filtration mode. The turbid fluid goes through membrane layer inside the single channel or a multi channel at a high velocity. Driven by pressure, the clean liquid with micro-molecule pass through the membrane layer vertically to permeation, the solid and big molecule is rejected in retentate. The feed fluid is thus clarified,concentrated and purified.
Compared with normal traditional filters like Filter Press, Centrifuge and DE Filter, Ceramic Membrane Filters have many unique advantages:

* Excellent resistance to acid/alkaline and oxidation chemicals
* Solvent stability
* High thermal stability
* Fine separability with narrow pore size distribution
* Excellent mechanical and abrasive resistance
* Extremely long work life
* Easy to be cleaned and sanitized with backflushing


This chart is only to be used as a guide. For specific sizing inquiries please contact JVISI environmental.

What is micro filtration.

It's a kind of water purifier and membrane application development study, and supply useful information for project design. Various size and model be available.

1. Type of water purifier membrane :ceramic MF/UF membrane and spiral/hollow fiber 2.5'/4.0'membrane
2. Membrane areas:0.1 square meters ,0.2square meters,0.4square meters ,0.8square meters,1.5square meters,3.0square meters,9.0square meters
3. Main components :membrane, housing, feed tank, centrifugal pump, flow/pressure/temperature meter, back flush tank, electric panel, valves and pipe
4. Materials of bodies;SUS304,SUS316L,Titanium,FRPP,UPVC
5. Material of seals: EPDM, Fluoro rubber, silicon


Applications of micro filtration.

1. Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Industries: Clarification of fermentationLiquids, purification and separation of Chinese medicine.
2. Environment Protecting Engineering: Clarification and separation of turbid water and wastewater.
3. Food Industry: Micro filtration of milk, clarification of fruit juice, separation Of soybean protein, Palm oil concentration.
4. Petrochemical Industry.
5. Other Fields: Reclaim and collection of nano-powders, and catalyze, filtration of acid/alkali liquids, membrane bio-reactor.

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