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Polypropylene (PP / HDPE / LDPE) Resin

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Polypropylene (PP / HDPE / LDPE) Resin

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Polypropylene (PP / HDPE / LDPE) Resin
Polypropylene (PP) materials:
Grade: Virgin&recycled, injection, film, coating grade ect.
1) Transparent granules
2) The density is small, and the intensity, rigidity, hardness and heat resistance are superior to HDPE.
Applications: Polypropylene (PP) coating grade is mainly used for coating woven bags, tarpaulin, colored stripe cloth and pipes.
We also supply Polythylene (LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE, HDPE), EVA, PET, PP-R, PVC, ABS, PS and so on.
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Coating  GradeH2800
MFR  (g/10)min28
Tensile  Strength  at  yield  (MPa)‰¥29.5
Notched  Izod  impact  Strength  (23  degree  Celsius,   J/m)  ‰¥16.7
Flexural  Modulus  5  (GPa)  ‰¥0.9
Vicat  Softening  Point(degree  Celsius)‰¥145
Rockwell  Hardness  ‰¥76

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