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ShanDong Finer Air bearing casters co.,LTD

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Air casters moving machines steadily

Air bearing movers price list and features

Air casters is one kind of moving and handling tools, for moving and transport machines balanced and steadily.

Air casters also know as air bearing movers, air skates, air film transports, air rigging systems, air powered load moving systems and so on names.

Air bearing movers fitted with powerful air bearing will move the loads effortlessly across the floor surface.

Shan Dong Finer Lifting Tools co.,LTD produce air casters professionally for more than twenty years, our air casters durable and safety, can works for more than ten years with no matter.

Air rigging systesm is great for odd shape and disproportionate weight distribution.

Air casters is specially developed for the smooth movement of loads over gaps and steps in the floor surface. Originally developed for theater applications to move stage sets and theater seating.

Regarding air casters applications, air bearing movers price list, air skates instruction, air rigging systems pictures, air moving systems details,please kindly feel free contact with us. Professionally service hope will get your satisfaction.

Shan Dong Finer Lifting Tools co.,LTD

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