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Rubber Track Rubber Crawler (320*86*49) for Rubber Bobcat Excavator

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Rubber Track Rubber Crawler (320*86*49) for Rubber Bobcat Excavator

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Product Description:

Commodity: Excavator rubber crawler(B320*86*49)

Size: Width320*Pitch86*Link49

Link and lenght can be adjustable

Warranty: Guarantee one year under normal use



1. Type of rubber tracks: 

1). Continuous rubber track

2). Conventional type or interchangeable type rubber track

3). Warranty: Guarantee one year under normal use

4). Application: Mini-excavator, bulldozer, dumper, crawler loader, crawler crane, crawler carrier vehicle, Agriculture machinery, paver and other special machine

2. The feature of rubber tracks: 

(1). Less round damage
Rubber tracks cause less damage to roads than steel tracks, and less rutting of soft ground than either Steel tracks of wheel products.

(2). Low noise
A benefit to equipment operating in congested areas, rubber track products less noise than steel tracks.

(3). High speed
Rubber track permit machines to travel at a higher speed than steel tracks.

(4). Less vibration
Rubber tracks insulate machine and operator from vibration, extending the machine's lifetime and Lowering operate fatigue.

(5). Low ground pressure
The ground pressure of rubber tracks equipped machinery can be fairly low, about 0.14-2.30 kg/ CMM, A major reason for its use on the wet and soft terrain.

(6). Superior traction
The added traction of rubber, track vehicles permits them to pull twice the load of wheel vehicles of the Sane weight.

Product Application(Brand):

1. Mini excavator rubber tracks:
Specializing in the production of various models of mini excavators with rubber tracks, can be equipped With imported models; Komatsu, Hitachi, Carter, Sumitomo, Doosan, modern, Volvo, Kubota, IHI, Yanmar, Takeuchi, Bobcats, JCB and so on.

2. Crawler excavators, crawler loaders, crawler agricultural machines, pavers tracks, snow tracked Vehicles and other special series crawler and rubber track blocks.
Products for excavators, bulldozers, rotary drilling rig, paver, crawler cranes, pipelayers Weight Model: Carter excavator; Volvo excavator; Komatsu excavator; Komatsu bulldozer
Hitachi excavator; Daewoo / Doosan excavator; Kobelco excavator; Sumitomo excavator
Takeuchi; Bobcats; Yanmar; Yanmar; Sunward; Carter; Kubota harvesters and other excavators, Loaders, pavers, agricultural machines.

3. Industrial rubber track using brand as below:
HANIX, KATO, SUMITOMO, BOBCAT, AIRMANN, Caterpillar, Doosan, Hyundai, Fukuda Revo, Sunward, Sany, etc.

4. Harvester Brand: Kubota, Jiangsu World, Coria, Japan, Yanmar, Fukuda, Korea Datong.

Adaptation Model:


150T ECO (JCB)320X86X43320X86X43B
T140 DA OTT 2005 (BOBCAT)320X86X46320X86X46B
CTL55 (GEHL)320X86X46320X86X46T
TL120 (TAKEUCHI)320X86X46320X86X46T
TL220 (TAKEUCHI)320X86X46320X86X46T
CK16 (KOMATSU)320X86X48320X86X48
T865 (CAMS)320X86X48320X86X48B
ETL 160.3 (EUROCOMACH)320X86X48320X86X48B
ETL160.4 (EUROCOMACH)320X86X48320X86X48B
ETL160.5 (EUROCOMACH)320X86X48320X86X48B
150T ECO (JCB)320X86X48B320X86X48B
T865 (LIBRA)320X86X48320X86X48B
CTL60 (GEHL)320X86X48320X86X48T
TL126 (TAKEUCHI)320X86X48320X86X48T
TL26 (TAKEUCHI)320X86X48320X86X48T
T180 (BOBCAT)320X84X50320X86X49B
T190 (BOBCAT)320X84X50320X86X49B
T550 (BOBCAT)320X84X50320X86X49B
T590 (BOBCAT)320X84X50320X86X49B
IRONCAT 145 (CORMIDI)320X84X50320X86X49B
L145 (CORMIDI)320X86X49320X86X49B
TR270 (CASE)320X86X50320X86X50
420CT (CASE)320X86X50320X86X50B
190T ECO (JCB)320X86X50320X86X50B
205T ECO (JCB)320X86X50320X86X50B
ROBOT 180HF (JCB)320X86X50320X86X50B
ROBOT 180T (JCB)320X86X50320X86X50B
C175 (NEW HOLLAND)320X86X50320X86X50B
C227 (NEW HOLLAND)320X86X50320X86X50B
LT175B (NEW HOLLAND)320X86X50320X86X50B
MCT85C (VOLVO)320X86X50320X86X50B
864 (BOBCAT)320X84X53320X86X52B
T190 (BOBCAT)320X84X53320X86X52B
T200 (BOBCAT)320X84X53320X86X52B
T630 (BOBCAT)320X86X52320X86X52B
T650 (BOBCAT)320X86X52320X86X52B
ROBOT 190T (JCB)320X84X53320X86X52B
820 TURBO (KOMATSU)320X86X52320X86X52B
CK20 (KOMATSU)320X86X52320X86X52B
CK20.1 (KOMATSU)320X86X52320X86X52B
CK25 (KOMATSU)320X86X52320X86X52B
CK25.1 (KOMATSU)320X86X52320X86X52B
4640 (GEHL)320X86X52320X86X52T
CTL60 (GEHL)320X86X52320X86X52T
CTL65 (GEHL)320X86X52320X86X52T
CL35 (IHI)320X86X52320X86X52T
CL35 (IMER)320X86X52320X86X52T
MTL16 (MUSTANG)320X86X52320X86X52T
TL8 (TAKEUCHI)320X86X52320X86X52T
TL130 (TAKEUCHI)320X86X52320X86X52T
TL230 (TAKEUCHI)320X86X52320X86X52T
MC70 (VOLVO)320X86X52320X86X52T
MC80 (VOLVO)320X86X52320X86X52T
259B3 (CATERPILLAR)320X86X53320X86X53B
1750RT (MUSTANG)320X86X54320X86X54B
CK30.1 (KOMATSU)320X86X56320X86X56B
CK35.1 (KOMATSU)320X86X56320X86X56B
550 (TRAXMAX)320X86X56320X86X56B
MCT110 (VOLVO)320X86X56320X86X56B
MCT125C (VOLVO)320X86X56320X86X56B


About Us: 

Our plant mainly produce Rubber Track which are specially good use for these kind of Machine: Snowbower/Snowmobile, Robot, Wheelchair, (mini)Excavators, Track loaders, Pitch Paver, Agricultural Harvester, Dumpers...Etc.



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