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CT Tray Dryer

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Tray Dryer

The CT tray dryer enables material heating, solidifying, drying and dehydrating in pharmaceutical, food, chemical engineering, agricultural and sideline product, aquatic product as well as light and heavy industries.

Generally, this universal hot-air dryer can help to produce the BPC (bulk pharmaceutical chemical), traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese herbal piece, extract, powder, granule, dissolved medicine, water-bindered pill, package bottle, dyestuff, dehydrated vegetable, dried fruit, sausage, plastic resin, electrical element, baking finish, etc.

1. Hot air circulation inside the tray dryer is conductive to energy saving and heat efficiency improving.
2. Taking advantage of forced ventilation principle, adjustable wind distribution plate is installed inside the machine to ensure uniform drying. Wide range of heat source is available for this tray dryer, including steam, hot water, electricity, far-infrared, etc.
3. With small noise and automatic temperature controller, this hot airflow dryer runs stably, easy for installation and maintenance.

Technical Parameters
Industry standard modelItemDrying capacityPowerSteam consumptionHeat dissipation areaAir volumeTemperature differenceBaking trayOverall dimensionBaking trolleyWeight
RXH-27A-CCT-C-Ⅱ A2400.936406900±2964280×1200×227041880
RXH-41A-CCT-C-Ⅲ A3601.35608010350±21443240×2200×200062210
RXH-25-AThis product enables high-efficiency high-temperature far infrared sterilization, the applicable power of which is determined by required working temperature.1200×1000×160011200
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