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Stigmasterol CAS 83-48-7 Bulking Cycle Steroids , Pure Plant Extract Powder Physiological Activities

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Stigmasterol CAS 83-48-7 Bulking Cycle Steroids , Pure Plant Extract Powder Physiological Activities

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Stigmasterol CAS 83-48-7 Bulking Cycle Steroids , Pure Plant Extract Powder Physiological Activities​



1. Description

Stigmasterol is one of a group of phytosterol. Stigmasterol is an unsaturated plant sterol occuring in plant fats or oils of soybean,calabar bean and rape seed,and in a number of medicinal herbs. Research has indicated that stigmasterol mar be useful in prevention of certain cancers, including ovarian, prostate, breast and colon cancers.


Studies have also indicated that a diet high in phytosterols may inhibit the absorption of cholesterol and lower serum cholesterol levels by compting for intestinal absorption.


2. Function

1) Stigmasterol powder can cure acute appendicitis,conjunctivitis,tonsillitis,bronchitis
2) cure Urinary infection with difficult painful urination; edema in acute nephritis
3) reduce the heat in blood and diuresis.
4) Stigmasterol powder Cure eczema,skin diseases,as its bitter taraxacin,stimulates salivation
and secretion of digestive glands

3. Usage

1). The medical studies have shown that the human body has to phytosterols important physiological activity, it is important to steroid drugs and vitamin D3 production of raw materials. Monomer stigmasterol as a component of plant sterols, is an important pharmaceutical intermediates for the production of steroid hormones, vitamin D3, etc., its content is generally about 20%.
2). As phytosterols physiologically active, good and stable emulsification properties as skin nutrients abroad for a variety of cosmetics, domestic manufacturers are also actively develop new cosmetics contain plant sterols.
3). phytosterols is also used for animal growth promotion agent and the effect is obvious.
4). In the chemical industry, textile, paper, printing and other industrial fields, phytosterols also has broad application prospects.
5). phytosterols containing sitosterol, campesterol variety of ingredients, rapeseed sterol, stigmasterol, etc., is a kind of plant sterols stigmasterol, with phytosterols various properties and uses, more prominent is stigmasterol with more strong anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effect and the direct use as anti-inflammatory drugs.
6). Bean Valley alcohol as production of steroid drugs or ADD key intermediates 4AD most important starting material most commonly used and more attention in developed countries will also stigmasterol health products as a raw material for lowering cholesterol

4. Application

Used as a steroid hormone synthesis of raw materials, also used as vitamin D3 production of raw materials. Steroid hormone synthesis material used as a component of plant sterols, their content is generally about 20%.

5. Stigmasterol - Preparation

Natural plant sterols structurally similar to animal sterols such as cholesterol, is an active ingredient in the plant, found in various vegetable oils. Phytosterols and its derivatives because of their unique physical and chemical properties and biological activity, widely used in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries.


Separated from the vegetable oil out of the sterol is similar from one class structure, physical properties of the difference between small steroid compounds, including stigmasterol, b - sitosterol, campesterol and rapeseed sterols, which the main difference in the structure that side chains Different groups. Effective separation of mixed phytosterols is to achieve a single component of high purity phytosterols scale production process is an important research topic was purified mixed phytosterols can provide cheaper drugs for the steroid production.

One Department of phytosterols, plant sterols and commonly used cell membrane. Often coexist in many plants and oil seeds and pollen. Soy is rich in content, others such as physostigmine, cocoa butter, canola oil, etc. are also. It usually can not be absorbed by the animal. In soybean oil unsaponifiables acetylation bromide, and then with ether - acetic acid mixed solvent extraction separation of insoluble four zinc bromide and acetic acid debrominated, saponification system.




Product Name


Specs Available





White fine powder



Molecular Weight


Molecular Formula


Sulphated Ash


Loss on drying


Total Plate Count












Shelf life

2 years


1 kg/bag, 25kg/fiber drum


Store in cool and dry places. Keep away from strong light.




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