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BA Organic Solvents Benzyl Alcohol Pharmaceutical Raw Materials 100-51-6 for Oral / Injection

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BA Organic Solvents Benzyl Alcohol Pharmaceutical Raw Materials 100-51-6 for Oral / Injection

Country/Region china
City & Province wuhan hubei
Categories Chemical Machinery

Product Details

BA Organic Solvents Benzyl Alcohol 100-51-6 for Oral / Injection with Safe delivery


BA Organic Solvents Benzyl Alcohol 100-51-6

BA Organic Solvents Benzyl Alcohol 100-51-6

BA Organic Solvents Benzyl Alcohol 100-51-6


Product Info.

Product NameBenzyl Alcohol (BA)
EINECS No.202-859-9
Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight108.14
Melting Point:-15 °C
AppearanceColourless liquid
StandardEnterprise Standard
Packing25KG/Drum or as per your requirements
Applicationfood additive,food essence



What is Benzyl Alcohol

Benzyl alcohol is a clear colorless liquid with a pleasant odor. Slightly denser than water. Flash point 194°F. Boiling point 401°F. Contact may irritate skin, eyes, and mucous membranes. May be slightly toxic by ingestion. Used to make other chemicals.



1) Use in health care

Benzyl alcohol is used as a bacteriostatic preservative at low concentration in intravenous medications, cosmetics and topical drugs.


The use of benzyl alcohol as a 5% solution has been approved by the U.S. FDA for the treatment of head lice in children older than 6 months and in adults. It affects the louse's spiracles, preventing them from closing. These then become clogged with water or mineral oil or other matter and cause the insect to die from asphyxiation.


2) Other uses

Benzyl alcohol has nearly the same refraction index of quartz and wool fibre. If a clear quartz object is immersed in benzyl alcohol, it becomes almost invisible. This test has been used to determine non-destructively whether an object is truly made of quartz (see crystal skull). Similarly, white wool immersed in benzyl alcohol also becomes almost invisible clearly revealing contaminants such as dark and medullated fibers and vegetable matter.



Benzyl alcohol has low acute toxicity with an LD50 of 1.2 g/kg in rats. It oxidizes rapidly in healthy individuals to benzoic acid, conjugated with glycine in the liver, and excreted as hippuric acid. Very high concentrations can result in toxic effects including respiratory failure, vasodilation, hypotension, convulsions, and paralysis.


Benzyl alcohol is toxic to neonates, it is associated with the gasping syndrome.


Benzyl alcohol has been reported to cause skin allergy.


Benzyl alcohol is severely toxic and highly irritating to the eye. Pure benzyl alcohol produces corneal necrosis.

Benzyl alcohol is not considered to be a carcinogen and no data are available regarding teratogenic or reproductive effects.

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