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Plaza LED Solar Street Lights 120 Degree Beam Angle / Garden Solar LED Lights

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Plaza LED Solar Street Lights 120 Degree Beam Angle / Garden Solar LED Lights

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Product Details

Plaza Light Sensor Solar Street Lights Solar Garden Lights Part LED Solar Street Lights



“All-In-One street light” can't work without sunlight. Please choose the appropriate model according to local sunlight radiation and total radiation throughout the year. It is recommended to use AC and DC charging methods in areas with insufficient sunshine or long periods of rainy weather.


“All-In-One street light” uses a long-life lithium battery to store energy. The time between charging temperatures is -30°C ~ + 60°C. When the temperature is lower than -30°C, the control system will automatically stop protecting the battery. It will restore the rechargeable battery and the temperature is above -30 °C. The nighttime discharge temperature is between -30 °C and +60 °C. Any environment above this temperature will cause damage to the battery. So check these factors when choosing a street light.


The battery of the "All-In-One street light" can be stored for 6 months after being fully charged. Therefore, after long-term transportation or storage, please check and charge regularly to avoid damage.


When installing fixtures in the northern hemisphere, try to adjust the solar panels to the south to collect the maximum amount of solar radiation. When installing the fixtures in the southern hemisphere, install the solar panels to the north. At the same time, please keep it away from any shadow of the house, trees, etc.


Keep all surfaces clean in a solar street light with normal cleaner to get the most power, remove dust or leaves or any grease.

All solar street lights have reached the IP65 standard. The vents on the surface are designed for heat dissipation. Made of aluminum alloy, this material survives in the seaside and desert environments.


The fuse knob is at the left rear end of the lamp. Please insert the fuse when using it. By the way, there is also a fuse as a backup. (If there is no fuse, it is a switch, just open the switch)





Color Temperature6000K
Input Voltage
Body MaterialIron
Luminous flux650lm
LED Luminous Efficiency100 lm/w
Warranty5 years
IP Ratingip65
Working Environment-30℃ - 60℃





Installation Notes:


Place the pole in the best position for plenty of daylight. The length of the pole is 2-3m and the thickness is 2.0mm. The material is steel and the diameter is 60-120mm.


When opening the package, check that all components are here, as shown below.


Open the fuse knob (see the figure below), check that the fuse is working, and then tighten. (If there is no fuse, it is a switch, just open the switch)


Put the light on the pole and make sure the pole is stable.



Features of Solar Floodlight:

1. Solar powered, so no electrician is required, no extra wires required.

2. Super-bright LED Chip automatically turn on at dusk.

3. Charging 6 to 7 hours, can work normally on 8-16 hours.

4. Waterproof design, can work in all climates.

5. Provides even and bright illumination across a wide area.

6. Place/hang/nail it as you like, ideal even for outdoor use.

7. Suitable for building site, hotel, hall, parking, garden, construction building, advertisement billboard.

Lamp installation and operating instuctions

1. Fixing on the wall ue screw in package,than adjust lamp cap for illumination angle and direction.

2. Solar panel installed direct face sun, so it can get power form solar.

3. Connected the lamp holder and the cable of solar panel, than open the lamp holder swith, finally the progress is complete.the lamp into the auto function state said light-controlled.the lamp charged solar power, the day suto off,the night turn on.



Factory direct-sale rechargeable Solar LED Lights - adopts high quality aluminum alloy material, excellent heat dissipation, and new design with exquisite craft, compact structure, corrosion resistance, anti-oxidative, sealing well, IP65 waterproof smooth weather resistant, suitable for outdoor activities lighting;

1. Indoor Usage: Interior emergency lighting, Home security lighting;

2. Outdoor Usage: Courtyard lighting, Landscape lighting, Corridor lighting, Gate lighting, Port lighting, Container yard lighting, Stadium lighting, Garden lighting, Square lighting, Plants and beautify lighting, Fountain waterscape lighting, and other places etc;

3. Special event usage: Adventure lighting, Camping lighting, Fishing lighting, Site repair lighting, Barbecue lighting.






1. Solar panels installed away from lighting range of lam holder,and others light source,the panel installed position base on the night auto on as a good standrd.

2. Keep away form the fire,otherwise the battery may explode.

3. Avoid hot,humid and corrosive environments,otherwise it will reduce the lifespan of the peoduct.

4. Once the prodcts is not use more than 3 months.must be charged one time at least.

5. Full power must direct face to sunlight condittions than can get highest power,besides different regions,different season and different intensity will affect the lamp work time .


Payment Terms:


1. Samples: Bank TT, 100% payment in advance;


2. Bulk order: Bank TT, 30% deposit and balance 70% settled before shipment.


Delivery time:


1. Samples: 3-7 working days;


2. Bulk order: 7-10 working days.




5 years warranty


After-sale Service:


1. Quick reply on customers'questions;


2. If anything goes wrong with the products'quality, we will replace for you free.


3. Make you a happy ordering.



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