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EPISTAR SMD LED Chip 6500K Pure White Surface Mount 3 X 20 MA Continuous Forward Current

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EPISTAR SMD LED Chip 6500K Pure White Surface Mount 3 X 20 MA Continuous Forward Current

Country/Region china
City & Province shenzhen guangdong
Categories Electronics Production Machinery

Product Details

EPISTAR 5050 SMD LED - 6500K Pure White Surface Mount LED w/120 Degree Viewing Angle
This 5050 SMD 3 chip surface mount component LED in Pure White features 19 lumens of 6500K color temperature and a 120 degree viewing angle. See spectral graph for actual wavelength measurement. Price listed is per unit, however, bulk discounts are available and are automatically applied to your order. Also available in Warm White and Cool White.
Part Number: 5050-PW6000
Pure White
absolute maximum ratings: (TA=25°C)
Power DissipationPD3x120mW
Continuous Forward CurrentIF3x20mA
Peak Forward Current (1/10th duty cycle, 0.1ms pulse width)IFM3x100mA
Reverse VoltageVR5V
Operating TemperatureTA-20~+80°C
Storage TemperatureTstg-40~+85°C
Lead Soldering Temperature (3mm from body) 260C (for 3 seconds)
Optoelectric Characteristics
View Angle of Half Power2ø1/2--120Degree--
Forward VoltageVF3.43.2VIF=20mA
Dominant Emission Wavelength----Pure White----
Luminous Intensity----19lm--
Millicandela OutputIV--6000mcdIF=20mA

We make the round shape LED PCB&PCBA in your requirements.
Customized Diameter
Customized Circuit design
Customized LED quantity 
Customized Power
Specified LED Chip ( SAMSUNG, CREE, or Other Brand)
Other special requirements on the functions
Bergquist Aluminum base copper-clad laminate have excellent flame retardant, high mechanical strength, dimensional stability etc. Especially it has very good heat sink, electromagnetic shielding and solder float.
It's widely used for the modifier and sparker on fire for motorcycle and mobile, power LED, sound box, power supply module and acoustics shielding system etc.


One-Stop Service:Tell us your need as clear as possible, usually we could answer all your questions and do all the rest things
Free SampleWe could make samples for free if your need is exactly clear
PCB CopySend us the sample, and we could make a copy which would save your cost
PCBA and enclosure designTell us your idea and requirements, our professional sales will understand you quickly and make your need clear on paper
PCB manufacturingWe have own machine&equipment to make the PCB within 1 week while the gerber file offered or confirmed.
Component sourcing & PurchasingWe have cooperation with many IC components and LED chip manufacturer which could control the cost
PCBA 100% testEvery unit will be tested and aged of your order



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