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Screwless Terminals PWM Signal Converter With 4 Channels Dip Switch DC15V - 30V

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Screwless Terminals PWM Signal Converter With 4 Channels Dip Switch DC15V - 30V

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Shanghai JIBANG DC15-30V 4CH DMX to 0-10V Dimming Signal Converter RT2104




Thank you for using DMX512 to 0-10V converter, which adopts the advanced micro-computer control technology, it converts the DMX-512/1990 standard digital signal adopted widely in international to the 0-10V signal. Output 1~4 Channels for option.

1), DMX512 standard signal input and 0/1-10V output.

2), Automatically adapts input voltage DC15-30V.

3), 4 isolate output channels, to output 0-10V signal.

4), Setting the DMX address freely with Dipswitch.
5), Signals connected socket: RJ45 interface input and screw terminal output.
6), Custom-made is available and 3 years warranty.









Input Voltage: DC15-30V

Channel: 4 channels

Input Signal: DMX

Output Signal: 0/1-10V
DMX Socket: RJ45 interface

0-10V Socket: Screw terminal

Segregation Voltage: > 1000 V

Power Consumption: <1.5W
Output Signal Current: Max 20A*4CH

Protection Grade: IP40
Gross Weight: 220g

Product Size: L160*W47*H24(mm)







Specifications of LED Dimming Signal Converter Series: 



Model NO.

Input Signal

Input VoltageChannelsOutput SignalInput SocketOutput Socket
RT2101DMX512DC15-30V1CH0/1-10VPress ButtonPress Button
RT2102DMX512DC15-30V2CH0/1-10VPress ButtonPress Button
RT2103DMX512DC15-30V3CH0/1-10VPress ButtonPress Button
RT2104DMX512DC15-30V4CH0/1-10VRJ45 InterfaceScrew Terminal
DM9150-1CHDALIDC12-24V1CH0/1-10VPress ButtonPress Button
DM9150-2CHDALIDC12-24V2CH0/1-10VPress ButtonPress Button
DM9150-3CHDALIDC12-24V3CH0/1-10VPress ButtonPress Button



Product Instructions:



1),The driving output interface, with Common V- and CH1+, CH+, CH+, CH+ output for 4channels 0-10V signal option.
2), Set DMX address with Dipswitch. You can set the DMX address code according to the DMX Address Encoding Table.







Wiring Diagram:







Attontions about DMX System Wiring:


1, DMX signal cable is shielded twisted pair cable(microphone cable) or three core cable, DMX signal positive, negative in the end, solder or crimp DMX signal cable plug should be paid special attention to the polarity.The input interface and corresponding signal output from the DMX512 controller, signal is negative, and the connection of DE8036 signal.
2, The DMX5000 output and DE8035 transmission line can't exceed 300 meters.
3, DMX5000 and DE8036 wiring, lighting by JBLED FLASH software can realize the control
and computer on-line,realize unlimited expansion cascade with DMX lamp.
4, Every connected 32 DE8036control, DMX signal must be combined with a signal amplier
(such as: RE2000),cascade cannot be more than 4PCS.
5, At the end of the line, shall be connected to a DMX signal termination (DE8036 dial switch
tenth dial can)



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