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High Brightness P8 Outdoor Rental LED Display , Stage Led Displays 1R1G1B

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High Brightness P8 Outdoor Rental LED Display , Stage Led Displays 1R1G1B

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High Brightness P8 Outdoor Rental LED Display , Stage Led Displays 1R1G1B



Dicolor new LED rental screen obtain popularity as soon as it come into the market , for example , we made a wonderful show on 2011 Shantou acoustics exhibition.


Jointly sponsored by Shantou economic and IT bureau and Shantou acoustics association and presented by Blue-star advertisement company , 2011 Shantou acoustics exhibition is a yearly acoustics grand meeting for acoustics&audio video in eastern Guangdong .The P6.4 indoor LED rental screen from Dicolor , which was composed of 60 cabintes with the height of 3.072M and the width of 5.12 M, ensured the perfect opening of the exhibition this time.


Dicolor new LED rental screen use fast connectors , therefore , it takes only 10 second to assemble two cabinets without any tools. Just lug and then button up .  quite easy .Besides , the flatness between cabinets is good , no sign of assembling .


Dicolor new LED rental screen , the user can add on or remove one or more cabinets freely on the screen body , thus it is easy for maintenance compared with traditional LED rental screen. it can be hoisted or fixed , and screens of different pixels can be put together for a common use.


Dicolor new favorite led rental screen cabinet attacks 8 kinds of difficulties:

Short. Take shortest time; Dicolor die-cast aluminum cabinet led rental screen enables fast installation, eight cabinet installed with just 180 seconds, removing just 80 seconds to finish. But ordinary led display cabinet installed on average each box of 40-60 seconds.
Small. Cabinet area; led rental displays each box size to 512*512mm.
Light. Cabinet size of 512*512mm and light weight of only 12.5 kg enable one-person installation easier and simpler, save installation time. But traditional LED screen is over 25 Kg with the same size.
Thin. Adopting the die-casting aluminum, it is high strength, high tenacity, high accuracy and not easy to distort. The thickness of our cabinet is 87mm, the traditonal cabinet is 160mm.
Quick. Adopting quick locking mechanism on the Up, down, left and right connection. Tighten two cabinet up with pull and turn the two handles by 90 degrees. You can install one cabinet with high accuracy in 10 seconds. Cabinet splicing and wiring connection is fast and reliable. Not only beautiful appearance but also a real sense of the rapid disassembly.
Easy. Adopting modular design, assembled cabinet can install and disassembly quickly and easily. It is easy to maintenance.
Compatible. New structure design, can satisfy hoisting, overstow, indoor and outdoor used requirements. Cabinet simplification, and various pixel pitch of indoor and outdoor mudules such like P4, P5.33, P6.4, P8, P10.66, P12.8, P16 are compatible.
Low. Has excellent heat dissipation design and performance. it is low noise and doesn't need external fan or air-condition. With the features of lighweight and low power consumption, it can reduce the labor cost of installation and operating costs.


Item No.                                

   Pixel Pitch (mm)        P6.4
   Driving Method        Dynamic
   Pixel Constitution        1R1G1B
   Pixel Density (dot/m2)        62500
   White Balance (CD/m2)        1710
   Gray Scale        16
   Color Quantity        680 Million
   Color Contrast        --
   Refresh Frequency          3700Hz
   Frame Frequency


   Viewing Angle(Horizontal/Vertical)        160/120
  Working Temperature        -20℃~60℃
  Working Humidity        60%
  Life Span        10 Years
 Cabinet Net Weight (PCS)        12.5KG
  Cabinet Size (W*H)        512*512*87{mm}
  Working Voltage        220V / 110V
  Rating Power Consumption (WATT/Cabinet)        336W
  Average Power Consumption (WATT/Cabinet)        84W
  Protection Grade (Front/Rear)        No Protection
  Certificate       ISO9001: 2008, CE, RoHS, SGS, TUV(CE), FCC, and CCC

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