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Low Cost - Fiber Laser Jewelry Engraving Machine For gold, silver, ring. necklace

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Address: 3rd Floor, No.2 bldg., Huaqiang road, Shangsha community, Chang'an town, 523850,Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, China

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Dongguan Leadboom Photoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Low Cost - Fiber Laser Jewelry Engraving Machine For gold, silver, ring. necklace

Country/Region china
City & Province dongguan guangdong

Product Details

Portable Fiber Laser marking Machine




Application Filed:

Materials: metal and all kinds of nonmetal materials, high hardness alloy steel,

oxide, electroplating vacuum plating, epoxy resin, printing ink, ABS, and other engineering



Industry: Plastic keypad keys, components of the digital product, electronic components,

electrical appliances, jewelry, precision machinery, hardware accessories,

glasses clocks and watches, qimo accessories, sanitary ware, communication

products, medical devices, integrated circuit (IC), building materials, pipe materials,

more suitable for high demand of .accuracy, speed and depth to the products.


Technical Advantages:


(1)Perfect beam quality achieved the highest and excellent marking effect. And it has great advantages of doing anti-white,

matte,chromatic...on the stainless steel.


(2)Adopted imported high-speed scanning head, and combined with software makes engraving very fast, so the processing

speed is 3 to 5 times quicker than the ordinary YAG and DP semiconductor.


(3)Using the third generation of optical fiber solid laser, the electro-optical onversion ecfficiency of pump light source can


reach to 80% after fiber coupling. Higher beam quality, long use time, laser life can reach 80000 hours(Lamp pump YAG

is around hundreds of hours, semiconductor is around 10000 hours).


(4)Air-cooling, no consumables, free maintenance, save power and energy(total power is 500W), low cost of latter usage,

the annual electric savings would be around USD3000-5000.


(5)High electrooptical efficiency: integrated electooptical efficiency reaches above 20%, greatly saved power consumption

and operation cost.


(6)Absolutely environmental marks without intermediate mediators involved in processing, completely in conformity with

ROHS Standards.


(7)Integrated modularization design, convenient maintenance, and the small volume can save more space.



RAW and other documents, and can form the serial number, production date, bar code and QR code automatically.


(9)Optional rotary workable and other automated matching system.


Packaging & Shipping:






































Company Information:


Dongguan Leadboom Photoelectric Technology Co., LTD. is dedicated to researching and developing

laser equipments and mass manufacturing for our customers overseas.
And we have built long term strategic parterships with the COHERENT, SYNRAD, II VI from the US,

and MITSUBISHI, Panasonic from Japan, and Rofin, IPG from Germany,etc.
Our main products including CO2 laser wire stripping machine, fiber laser wire

stripping machine, fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine,

CO2 laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, solid laser welding machine

series over 20 sets of laser equipment, etc.
Our company takes "quality, innovation, efficiency, service" as business target and is now growing fast with

our partner and client together. And we also believe that the basis of a enterprise development

is the attitude of pursuing excellence and the support from customers will strengthen our confidence.

The only device can no longer stand for our technology, we are offering the solutions.
Let’s cooperate together for the brighter future!



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