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Wrinkle Eye Bags Removal Multifunction Beauty Equipment For Women / Men

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Wrinkle Eye Bags Removal Multifunction Beauty Equipment For Women / Men

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Product Details

Wrinkle Eye Bags Removal Multifunction Beauty Equipment For Women / Men


Quick Detail:
Model: DM-F670
Brand: DMH
MOQ: 1 Unit
Certificate: CE ISO
Payment: T/T, Western Union, Moneygram, D/P, L/C
Warranty: 1 year and lifetime maintenance
Main Functions
1.High requency electric apparatus,beauty by high frequency current and infrared function, to skin have antiphlogistic, analgesic action, which produces ozone sterilizing, promote acne wound healing and convergence function,to regulate sebum secretion,improve skin property,promote the blood circulation and metabolism,anti-wrinkle and aging have some effect.
2.Ultrasonic using high frequency ultrasound (1 million times / 3 million times) shock, promote human blood circulation, accelerate metabolism. Apply ultrasonic, cooperate with various creams beauty products, can strengthen penetration to skin tissues, achieve the effect of the treatment, beauty.
Connect small suction glass tube to the suction/spray house;put the house to the sunction port of machine,press the small house on the small glass tube,then machine in ready for suction operation.
Connect spray bottles to the suction/spray house,put the house to the spray port of machine,press the small hole on spray bottle then the machine is ready for spray like mist.
5.Spot Remover
Through the high frequency current solidification,make cuticular cell necrosis, in a short time thorough cleaning face several skin on the various freckles,LaoRenBan,flat spot,tattoos,during treatment, not bleeding,leaving scars,and the effect is obvious.
1).High frequency of skin,still can achieve fine massage eliminate aging cells eject toxin reduce wrinkles,and cooperate with all kinds of beauty products or medicine,can achieve all sorts of problems in the treatment of skin,improve;
2).Clean the skin and remove to fall off the stratum corneum aging;
3).Remove dirt,death after cutin hard skin clean skin,can improve the skin,promote blood circulation,eliminate fatigue;
7.Ion Facial Steamer(can be put or aromatherapy oil)
1)can open the pores of the skin deeply,facilitate clean;
2).team penetration to pore,to soften accumulated in pore oil dirties,black head, cosmetic hangover and dirt,facilitate further clear the substance;
8.Wood Lamp
Through the high frequency current solidification,make cuticular cell necrosis,in a shot time thorough cleaning face several skin on the various freckles,LaoRenBan,flat spot,tattoos,during treatment,not bleeding,leaving scars,and the effect is obvious.
Galvanic will decompose sediment discharge,nutrients into the skin,make high efficiency absorb,keep youth beautiful skin.
1).Electric ion positive main function is to produce acid reaction,stable nerve,reduce blood supply,strong fibre,mainly used in beauty after treatment,prevent inflammation,tighten pore will acid in deep skin,promote absorption import.
2).Electric ion negative main function is alkaline reaction,stimulate the nerve and increase blood supply,softening the county organization,mainly for the mature ageing skin and oily skin.
10.Cold & Hot hammer
1).Cold and Hot hammer of injury can be therapeutic skin and muscle organized antiphlogistic effect, analgesic effect;
2).After high temperature of the skin encounter cold hammer treatment or rapid contraction,so as to improve the treatment of skin of operation;
3).The activity of the instrument,cold and heat hammer nursing can remove splash, anti-allergic,calm;
11.Cold Light Magnifying Lamp
Magnifying Lamp function have optical lenses and cold light tube into the soft line,more clear view the skin,especially suitable for eyebrow tattoo and skin, the more rapid accurate analysis are looking for black head,acne,and can be a part of skin to clean up more complete,dry.
12.Skin Scrubber
Skin Scrubber use of ultrasonic technology will change to 28000 times per second of electric shock waves to 28000 times per second of mechanical vibration wave the muscles of the body to me have osmosis.Can make skin more deep cells produce excited,so long as you use this instrument is used together with the corresponding potions or essence effect,can quickly eliminate shading wrinkles whelk corneous layer,able to pore dirt thoroughly clean skin,make skin shining white,recover the flexibility.
wrinkle & eye-bags removal
promote the metabolism & blood circulation
active the cell
whiten the skin, beautiful   
Technical Parameter



High-frequency, Ultrasonic, Spray, Remove spot, Brush, Hot steamer, Wood lamp, Galvanic, Vacuum, Cold-hot hammer, Magnifying lamp, Skin scrubber









Package Size



Standard Export Packing


1 Year




Competitive Advantage:
12 IN 1 Multi-functional
High-frequency;Ultrasonic;Spray;Remove spot

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