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Skin Spa 9 In 1 Multifunction Facial Machine , Oxygen Infusion Facial Machine

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Skin Spa 9 In 1 Multifunction Facial Machine , Oxygen Infusion Facial Machine

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Product Details

9 in 1 multifunction skin spa acne treatment best oxygen facial machine




Skin oxygen therapy, stimulate skin regeneration, blood circuilation
Improve body metabolism, and colagen reproduction,



1 electronic oxygen generation
2 patent hyperbaric mask with musicotherapy
3 multi function


Oxygen facial system  :

1  .  Hyperbaric light mask, oxygen, LED, music therapy
2  .  Multi polar radio frequency, bipolar RF, tripolar RF
3  .  Combine cold light, musicotherapy, RF, oxygen inject, oxygen spray
4  Magic hands: Micro current therapy, Bio and supersonic functions


Working principle


1  Oxygen inhalation is excellent both for mind and body, increasing the concentration and mnemonic capabilities, reducing the stress, detoxifying, improving sport performances, reducing the down-time period after intensive fatigue .


2  Oxygen injection is an innovative and successful method which used pure oxygen to help the penetration of active ingredients contained in the products right into the skin germinative layer

The oxygen spray function helps to calm down the skin and to enhance the healing processes of the tissues .

3  Though human body inducing middle Bio-electic frequency signal, it could inhibit the sympathetic stimulation, dilation of blood vessels,promote blood circulation, improve the physical, movement of blood and ,improve organizational activity, speed up metabolism

Supersonic has a mechanical, hyperthermia and biochemical effect, make local tissue cells can be micro-massaged, promote blood circulation, soften organizations, speed up chemical reaction, and promote metabolism


4  Tissue Retraction: The generated heat caused local contraction of the collagen fibers, to immediately, tighten the skin  New collagen formation : By heating the dermis, new collagen production is stimulated, which production and underlying natural firming , and lifting of the skin


5  The Bio-microcurrent probe generates low-current electricity that is imitating the bioelectricity to heal and restore the cells, making them more permeable, allowing them to move nutritions and wasted and toxins more effectively so that the cells become energetic



Specification  :


Input AC220v/50HZ AC110V/60hz
power 450W
Oxygen purity 96.4%
RF frequency 5MHZ 75KHZ
Wavelength 330-990nm
Music ouput self-selection
man-machine control Color multimedia and large touch screen 




1   Oxygen spray gun
2  Oxygen inject handle
3   Oxygen mask with light, and musicotherapy
4   Supersonic handle, 2 pieces
5  bipolar RF for eye
6  tripolar RF for face


Warranty & After-sale Service & Training

A  . 2 years ex factory under normal and Correct operation ; free labor and material but without consumables parts.(since our great confidence of our machine’ s excellent quality

B  . In order to give clients more satisfied products experience, the stuff with rich experience of laser beauty and medical knowledge, and they work in this area for 2-5 years. And for our after-sales department , they work for 7 days for a week and 18-24 hours a day to ensure the 24 hours on line service .

C  . There is a copy user’s manuals and clinical treatment guider for detailed instructions on the introduction, the operation , the maintenance  ,  etc .

D  . There is a comprehensive training last for 5-7 days through email , vedio ,on line service , including how to operate , maintenance and adjust the treatment parameters for different treatments  , etc  .





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