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Wuhan HAE Technology Co., Ltd.

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Address: Block 2 , Optics Valley science and technology port, University Road, Wuhan, Hubei, China

Contact name:Shirley Luo

Wuhan HAE Technology Co., Ltd.

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About Us

In Year 2006, Mr. Jiang Yanhua founded Wuhan HAE Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. then start business of Construction & Installation and decoration.

In year 2008, Base on the Japan Vehicle, Our shanghai Technical company based on Shanghai Fuda University start to invent wall printer. and got more than 15 patents until now.

In Year 2010, Mr. Jiang Yanhua founded Wuhan HAE Technical Co., Ltd., and start to export Direct to Wall Inkjet Printer, we were keeping developing and improving all these years. HAE wall printer has exported more than 50 different countries and area, and we have serviced more than 5000 different wall printing customers.

Now, Our business expand to UV Printer, Inkjet coder, inkjet color label printer, laser coder etc.

HAE is the leading manufacturer of quality direct to wall inkjet printer,UV flatbed Printer, handheld inkjet printer,Roll color label printer and the Accessories. we strictly control imported and local raw material purchase; Machine assembling; before shipping testing. Process metal part with high Precise Laser Machine.

Wuhan HAE Group, 12 years Enterprise,10 year wall printer inventing, developing, manufacturing and service experience, over 5000 different customers choice!


Wuhan  brings together the world's top professional talent and technology, has a highly qualified international personnel, special on the online green and UV laser Marking equipment,  Set from software development to hardware design, system testing, technical services are completed by professional and technical personnel. We have two R & D base in Shanghai and Wuhan City,well-known institutions of higher learning and research institutions at home and abroad, work closely with national patent applications for 20, a number of the core technological achievements and technical indicators at the international advanced level.



In the past 10 years, Waterun has obtained nearly 20 patents in the Inkjet Coder and  laser application 


Our products have been certified with the CE, RoHS TUV, SGS, and China’s National Air Quality Testing Standards.

Global Market:

Our products are getting popular in many countries over the world. Currently, our products havebeen exported to USA, Canada, Germany, Israel, Italy, Middle East Brazil, Korea, India, Southeast Asia, etc. more than 150 countries and Area, and we have serviced more than 5000 customers

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Company Name: Wuhan HAE Technology Co., Ltd.
City: wuhan
Province: hubei
Country: china
Address: Block 2 , Optics Valley science and technology port, University Road, Wuhan, Hubei, China