0°C ~ 30°C Adjustable Intense Pulsed Light Equipment High Power Frequency

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0°C ~ 30°C Adjustable Intense Pulsed Light Equipment High Power Frequency

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0°C ~ 30°C Adjustable Intense Pulsed Light Equipment High Power Frequency


1, Theory

Ares-B uses patented radio frequency technology; push the efficiency RF energy through a sophisticated heat treatment probe into deep subcutaneous 1.5 mm or more. After appropriate heat through the structure of collagen fibers shrink immediately, while collagen recombinant proteins and metabolic activity hyperplasia immediate start, with visible wrinkles and contour immediate tightening, the organization will become firmer, skin will be healthier and smoother, and patient will look younger. Ares did not need anesthesia and the use of refrigerants, the majority of radio frequency energy into the skin while cooling on the epidermis, protecting skin burns, while not being so deep heat concentrated in the skin, stimulate collagen regeneration.
2, Application
1.  Replace and surpass surgical face-lifts;
2.  Tighten loose skin;
3.  Eliminate true pseudo wrinkles, repair stretch marks;
4.  Anti-aging body (neck, back tightening and modification, breast shape adjustment, waist circumference plastic modification, buttocks shaping, leg shaping)
5.  Long-lasting wrinkle removal, comprehensive beauty: for a variety of wrinkles, deep wrinkles, forehead lines, eye lines, crow's feet, nasolabial folds, lip wrinkles, brow lines and so on.


3, Treatment Characteristics
1.  High applicability: impedance treatment, no color selection, four types of skin can be treated, broader application.
2. Rapid effect: postoperative collagen will immediately shrink when heated up to 50'C~60'C, after the first treatment skin will have instantly lift effect.
3.  Long-lasting result: in 1-6 months after treatment, the skin's own collagen gradually restructuring, skin become smoother and wrinkles become shallower, long-lasting result.
4.  Quick treatment: treatment time is short (No down time), more suitable for living fast consumer groups
5.  High return on investment: no skin selection, high return on investment.


4, Machine Characteristics
1.  Preferred radio frequency mode, treatment is more comprehensive, more effective, dual handle design, anti-wrinkle and firming the skin simultaneously.

2. Handpiece I for skin tightening with the treatment of head 0'C~30'C adjustable cooling continued. Ensure treatment more comfortable, more efficient, no damage
3. Handpiece II for anti-aging with multi-sized tips, multi-dots design, efficient and effective output for different parts of the treatment
4.  The built-in GPC temperature-controlled system adjustment treatment parameters automatically according to the contact degree and skin temperature ensure treatment safer and more effective.
5. 8.4 inch touch screen design makes human-computer communication more convenient and more accurate. Automatic mode design makes the operation easy. 
6.  Continuous output (firming): pulsed output (anti-wrinkle) freely adjustable treatment more flexible.

7.  IC card counting control, enabling customers to manage treatment

8.  Patented 40MHz automatic adjustable multi-frequency technology, with the skin temperature automatically adjusted in order to make precis treatment.

9. CE Approval

10.  Negative Sheet


5, Handpieces

cold rf handpiece

fractional rf handpiece with 6 tips


6, Contraindication
1.  Pregnant or lactating women.
2.  Heart disease, or with cardiac pacemakers.
3.  The patient who has surgical wound that did not heal.
4.  Epilepsy, severe diabetes and hyperthyroidism.
5.  Cancer patients, hemophiliacs, or severe bleeding.
6.  Skin diseases and infectious diseases with caution.
7.  Acute inflammation and wound infected patients, kidney disease (cholelithiasis), patients who has hereditary allergy.
8.  he heart, the brain, the nerve center of the neck, spine, eye, are bleeding.
9.  Severe telangiectasia (could treat other parts).


7, Postoperative Considerations

1. After treatment, there will be temporary redness or swelling, it is normal. Note that after a week of the treatment, do not go to the high temperature sauna, yoga and other high-temperature environment, and is not recommended to exposure under the sun.

 2. Before the treatment, keep skin, hair parts clean. No cosmetic applied on the treatment area on the day of treatment. Remove all make-up traces. Doctors will communicate with you before the treatment; he will make a comprehensive examination about your current situation and then carefully explain the treatment process.

 3. Within one week after treatment ,please avoid to wash with hot water, free hot springs, sauna, etc., Try to enhance moisture, and enhance the sun block if you must go outside.


8, Clinical Procedure 


 Machine Fractional RF
 Model Ares-B
 RF Frequency 40MHz
 RF mode Monopolar
 RF output model Continuous/pulse
 RF Repetition rate min: 0.3s
 RF Energy 1~100J
 Handpiece 2 (I for skin tightening, II for wrinkle removal 0
 Cooling system for handpiece I water cooling
 Spot Size for handpiece I 10mm diameter
 Cooling  temperature for handpiece I 0~30'C 
 Tips for handpiece II 6
 36 dots square (2cm2) 1-5mm penetrate
 64 dots square (2cm2) 1-3mm penetrate
 100 dots square (2cm2) 0.5-1.5mm penetrate
 225 dots square (2cm2) 0.5-1mm penetrate
 150 dots round (20mm diameter)0.5-1mm penetrate 
 50 dots round (6mm diameter) 0.5-1mm penetrate
 Machine cooling system Air cooling
 Screen 8.4 inch LCD touch screen
 Counter control IC card
 Machine Dimension 50cm*60cm*115cm
 N.W 50KG
 G.W 65KG
 Voltage 110V/220V
 Package  Aluminium case



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