3 in 1 Tripolar RF Vacuum Cavitation Slimming Machine for Tripolar Fat Burning

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3 in 1 Tripolar RF Vacuum Cavitation Slimming Machine for Tripolar Fat Burning

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Product Details

3 in 1 Tripolar RF Vacuum Cavitation Slimming Machine for Tripolar Fat Burning


40KHz ultrasound cavitation slimming instrument



Terminator WT6 body slimming machine combines:


Technology of Vacuum

Technology of Tripolar rf

Technology of cavitation


The three technologies are combined together to reduce the cellulite through the following three steps:

1. Cavitation celluliting: diminish the big fat granules

2.Tripolar rf fat burning: dissolve the small fat granules

3. Vacuum and rf fat kneading and burining: speed up metabolizing the dissolved fatty acid and glycerol.


Carry out three different ways of treatment to the subcutaneous fatty tissue, so that the gathered lipocyte could disassemble into metabolizable fatty acid and glycerol quickly, which could be taken away by the body fluid after penetrating the epicyte, and then the rapid body slimming is realized.


The three functions are carried out simultaneously in order to make the body slimming get instant result, not only to lose weight but also to reduce size.




Fat reduction and body contouring, tightening the muscles of arm, crus, thigh, buttocks, waist and abdomen. Body reshaped.

Effectively improves the orange peel issue to varying  degrees

Ease the pain ( sush as arthralgia, sciatica). Do mechanical aerobic exercise to the skin tissure regularly. Pressure and fatigue prompt relief.


Skin tightening, skin elasticity stengthening, improvement of the enlarged pores, skin rejuvenation


Stimulates the collagen and promotes the skin's metabolism, then the metabolic waste in the body tissue will be removed by the deep and powerful lymph therefore offers the lymphatic drainage throughout the body.

System Overview


1. All the handpieces support plug and play. They could be identified automatically by the system and led to the corresponding working screen.


2. Three slimming functions will be achieved when the handpieces connect with the machine


Cavitation celluliting function

Tripolar rf fat burning function

Vacuum kneading and contouring function

Characteristics of the treatment


Celluliting, fat burning and kneading at the same time.

Marvelous instant result. You could measure the size immediately after the treatment

Losing weight, reducing size and contouring at the same time to have a perfect effect.

No skin colour requirements, widely application

No pain and no scar

No downtime

Easy to operate




System functions


Obligate technical connector to make the system update easily.


Modulized design for the power is suitable for import and export as well as maintenance.


Three handpieces with strong functions support plug and play.


The technology of controllable CPU password to make it free to set the service life and convenient to rent and sell.


8.4 inch colored screen, touchable design, easy to work with.


CE certificate


System Specifications

Ultrasound Functions


Ultrasound Main Frequency


Output Power


Handpiece’s Diameter


Output Way

Continous or Pulse adjustable

Vacuum Functions


Output Power


Working Strength


Suction-led Setting

5 Grades



RF Functions


RF Frequency

10 Mhz

Maximum Energy


Output Mode

Tripolar Mode

Pulse re-cycle time

MIN 0.3S 

Output Way

Continous or Pulse adjustable

Display screen and other parts


Display Screen

8.4inch colored touchable display screen


110/220V+10% 60HZ  6A






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