IPL E-light RF Multifunction Beauty Equipment T8 for Hair Removal

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IPL E-light RF Multifunction Beauty Equipment T8 for Hair Removal

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IPL E-light RF Multifunction Beauty Equipment T8 for Hair Removal




T8 system is a beauty platform device created by our company after one year research with the help of the experts of Beijing Optoelectronics Technology Institute. It combines all the popular beauty technology since 2003 which including IPL / E-LIGHT / RF / Tripolar etc. It is a breakthrough of numerous technical bottlenecks in the beauty field and realizes the system platform, plug-and-play and other functions. Then we make this 5 in1 beauty platform to become the ultimate "King" –Terminator.The system can use 16 different hand pieces through connection service. The hand pieces are plug-and-play, the system automatically recognizes the different handpieces. Therefore the system could automatically realize IPL / E-LIGHT / RF / Tripolar and a variety of different functions.




IPL/E-light/RF series—Full series treatments

  • Cellulite reduction, body slimming, body contouring.
  • Wrinkle removal, skin tightening, promotes the skin elasticity.
  • Skin rejuvenation, hair removal, skin lightening, Telangiectasis therapy, Acne removal


System Advantages

  • All the handpiece could be identified by the system and lead to the corresponding working interface automatically.
  • 5 major functions for the System All the functions of IPL, E-light, monopolar RF, bipolar RF and tripolar RF.
  • The designed expert system has already set up all the treatment parameter automatically which makes the operation easy to learn.
  • 8.4”full color touch display, which could be clear at a glance.
  • Reserved technical connector, the system could update freely.
  • Module design for the power is suitable for import and export business. It is convenient for maintenance.
  • It has 16 handpieces for choice with the strongest functions.
  • CE certificated, authority guaranteed.


IPL Parts   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

IPL light source                           Intense Pulsed Light
IPL Maximum Energy                  50J/cm2
Spot size                                    15*50mm2
Amount of pulse                         2-6, adjustable
Interval of pulse                          5-60ms, adjustable
Pulse width                                 2-8ms, adjustable
Cycle                                          -4s
RF Parts    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
RF frequency                              6MHZ
RF Max Energy                           300J/CM
Output mode                               Monopolar RF
                                                   Bipolar RF
                                                   Tripolar RF
Output way                                 Continuous or pulse Adjustable
Pulse Repetition Rate                 Minimum 0.3s
Display, cooling and other part --------------------------------------------------------------
Cooling way                                Semiconductor cooling
Display                                        8.4” Full color touch display
Power                                         110/220V+10% 60HZ  6A
Size                                             55*45*50cm
Weight                                        70kg



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