Acrylic CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine , CNC Laser Cutting Equipment

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Acrylic CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine , CNC Laser Cutting Equipment

Country/Region china
City & Province suzhou jiangsu
Categories Rubber Processing Machinery Parts

Product Details

Acrylic CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine , CNC Laser Cutting Equipment




Product Features:
1). The "front" and "back" of our laser machine can be open, suitable for super-length material process.
2). Exclusive no water warning and automatic protection system, to protect the working life of laser tube effectively. The power control system has exclusive automatic protection equipment to ensure the stability and safety of the machine to the best.
3). LCD control panel in English, convenience of operation control.
4). Import liner bearing with high engraving precision
5). offline control system which can not only work without computer, but also connect to U disk, USB communication
6). Imported metal mirrors, with good ability of reflection and focusing, long working life.
7). Red dot position system realizes the exact position without laser.



Technical Parameters




Product nameCO2 laser engraving and cutting machine
Processing area1300*900mm
Laser Power60W 8-W 100W 150W 180W 200W 280W
Laser typeSealed Co2 glass laser tube
Cooling methodWater cooling
Resetting positioning accuracy±0.01mm
SoftwareLaser cut 5.3, CorelDraw AutoCAD Photoshop
Machine size1600mm*1000mm*1100mm
Cutting speed1-6000mm/min
Engraving speed1-1000mm/min
Cutting thickness0-25mm acrylic(others according to material)
Position systemRed dot
Minimum line width0.1mm
Support graphic formatDST, PLT, BMP, DXF
Driving modeDC0.8A 24V stepper motor
Cooling wayCirculation water cooling
VoltageAC 110 - 220V±10%, 50 - 60Hz
Operating temperature0-45 ℃
Operating humidity5-95%
OptionsUp and down working table/Rotary
PackagingWooden box
Warranty time1 years,laser tube 8 months
OperationVideo instruction
Machine Configuration:

Type:pure circulating water cooling
Quality Assurance:12 months
Advantages:good spot pattern,fast cutting speed,long life and good stability.The laser output mode will not change during the service life.


The laser cutting head,also known as the follower laser cutting head, is an important part of the metal laser cutting machine.This kind of laser head is different from the ordinary laser cutting head,which can cut metal materials and cut non-metal materials.







Aplication Industry:


1. Mainly used for large blister word cutting, two-color plate engraving, PMMA Plexiglas engraving and cutting,nameplate & crystal & trophy & other authorized cards engraving and cutting.

2. Handicraft industry: to carve various pattern and words in wood, bamboo, ivory, bones, leather, marble, shells etc.

3. Leather garment processing industry: for real leather, synthetic leather, artificial leather, fabrics, fur complex text graphics carving, cutting, hollowing process. Like in clothes, apparel, underwear, furniture, gloves, handbags, shoes and hats, toys and car flower industries. To make them beyond fashion, outstanding .

4. The model industry: to produce sand table construction model and aircraft model, ABS board cutting, multi-layer cutting.

5. Packaging industry: To carve printing rubber plate, plastic plate, double-decker, knife-cutting board.

6. Product marking industry: for equipment nameplate, product anti-counterfate marking etc.

7. Other industries: marble, granite, glass, crystal and other decorative materials engraving and marking, paper and greeting cards and other paper craft cutting process.

After Sales Service

Installation & training

After the machine reach the buyer’s site,the engineers from the seller are responsible for machine installation and commissioning by using the special tools under the help of the buyer. Buyer should pay for our engineer visa fee, air tickets, accommodation, meals etc.


The common protection knowledge of laser safety

The basic principle of module and the structure of laser cutting machine

The operation skills of laser cutting machine

Equipment operation and the application notice

Skills of equipment daily maintenance,laser module adjustment and spare parts replacement.

Installation & training time is about 5 to 7 days.


Why choose us?

* It can make delicate and complicated designs on acrylic, wood and PVC and so on;
* Avoid polishing, processing high speed, and high precision;
* Glass viewing windows creating a safe enclosure for laser processing;
* Original Singapore imported lens can greatly improve working efficiency and reduce cost;
* Exhausting, absorbing and assistant blowing systems extend the life of the laser tube;
* Aluminum strip shape platform can bear heavier materials, such as acrylic, wood and much more non – metal materials;
* Large internal memory capacity improves the working speed with greater efficiency;
* With a fine cutting effect and price advantage.

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