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Suzhou Hyunvan CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the application of laser technology and Intelligent CNC Manufacturing, the development, production and sales of laser marking, welding and cutting equipment and CNC wood router,stone router,advertisment machine. The company has passed the ISO 9001 international quality management system certification, and the whole series of products have passed the EU CE certification.


The company's laser machine products mainly include: semiconductor laser marking machine, carbon dioxide laser marking machine, optical fiber laser marking machine, end-pumped laser marking machine, portable laser marking machine and other four series of more than 20 kinds of industrial laser equipment and CNC machines which widely used in metal,wood stone industry, which can be matched with automated conveying pipeline, automatic feeder and so on. Equipment.


The company's products are widely used in electronic products, IC chips, electrical appliances, lighting fixtures, jewelry, hardware tools, sanitary ware, instruments, motorcycle accessories, mobile phone parts, various moulds, precision instruments, medical devices, IT digital metal shell, aviation equipment, clothing and leather, craft gifts, advertising clothing. Decoration, cooking utensils, tableware, kitchenware, tobacco and alcohol industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, packaging industry, aerospace, anti-counterfeiting technology, glasses and watches, plastic keys, light transmission keys, bamboo and wood technology, ceramics, PVC pipes, PPR pipes, catering industry, beverage bottles, oil drums, saw blades, bearings, various nameplates, etc.


Applicable materials include: ordinary metals and alloys (iron, copper, aluminium, magnesium, zinc and all other metals); rare metals and alloys (gold, silver, titanium, etc.); metal oxides (all kinds of metal oxides can be); special surface treatment (phosphating, aluminium anodization, electroplating surface, etc.); ABS materials (electrical appliances shell, daily use). Ink (light transmission keys, printing products, etc.); epoxy resin (packaging of electronic components, insulation layer) and various non-metallic materials. It can clearly and quickly mark all kinds of patterns, LOGO, characters, letters, graphics, bar code, production date, batch number, two-dimensional code, serial number, etc. It can also be matched with a variety of automation equipment to achieve dynamic and flight marking, which can be used in product identification, Internet of Things, intelligent anti-counterfeiting and other fields.


With its deep R&D, manufacturing and quality control capabilities, Hyunvan integrates equipment and manufacturing systems to provide customers with a package of cost-effective and competitive solutions. Madico is not only a device manufacturer and seller, but also a solution provider.


Hyunvan adheres to the enterprise management concept of "making products with craftsmen's spirit and wisdom, serving customers with the mentality of believers", implements the quality policy of "quality-oriented, abiding by reputation, customer-oriented and dedicated service", and constantly develops, enterprising, realistic and innovative, in order to become an outstanding laser CNC equipment manufacturer and scheme provider in China". Work hard in the future.

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City: suzhou
Province: jiangsu
Country: china